A different kind of class reunion

Martha SparksSociety Editor

August 15, 2012

The Logan High School Class of 1987 decided to add a new event to their 25th class reunion — graffiti and litter removal.

The ‘87 class of 1987 teamed up with the LEAD Community Organization and distributed trash bags and graffiti removal materials amongst themselves before walking the town of Logan picking up litter and trying to scrub off graffiti.

“The classmates were able to pick up numerous bags of litter and were successful in removing some of the graffiti,” said Richard Ojeda, LHS ‘87 class and LEAD Community Organization member. “I hope that future class reunions across the county will see the success of this event and will start to schedule beautification events within their reunions to show everyone how important many returning classmates feel doing something for the areas where they grew up.”