Alleged drug dealer arrested in Man

Martha SparksSociety Editor

September 23, 2012

MAN — A Myrtle Beach man was arrested and charged with delivering a controlled substance on September 15 in Man.

According to the complaint, Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy J.H. Brown responded to a call concerning two men passed out in a vehicle at Mountain Mart Village. When Brown arrived, he asked Benny Virgil Grimmett, 41, of Myrtle Beach, and his passenger, Tammy Browning, address not listed, if “there were ok.”

Brown said he, along with Man PD Patrolman J.D. Thomas, noticed a syringe laying the back floorboard of the vehicle. Brown asked Grimmett if there was anything illegal in the vehicle to which Grimmett allegedly replied “no.”

After the couple exited their vehicle, Brown and Thomas noticed a pill bottle in the floorboard. Grimmett reportedly told Brown the bottle contained 100mg Morphine pills and that the pills belonged to him.

Following a frisk of Grimmett, Brown allegedly found $1,046 in Gimmett’s pants pocket. The complaint states Grimmett was asked about the money and pills and he stated that “he brought the pills from South Carolina to Logan County to sell and that the money that was in his pocket was money that he obtained from selling Morphine pills” prior to the officer’s arrival.

Following Grimmett’s arrest, an additional search of the vehicle was made and a set of scales, 16 unused syringes, six used syringes, seven 500mg Cephalexin pills and one marijuana pipe was found.

Grimmett is incarcerated in Southwestern Regional Jail on a $25,000 bail.

In other court news:

• Anthony Johnson, 49, of Chapmanville, was arrested and charged with domestic assault, domestic battery and public intoxication on September 16 by West Virginia State Trooper J.G. Honaker. He was released on a $5,000 bond.

• Hope Ashlee Fraganeno, 36, of Logan, was arrested and charged with domestic assault and obstructing an officer on September 18 by LCSD M.B. Carter and J.M. Miller II. She was released on a $2,000 bond.

• William C. Curtis, 53, of Logan, was arrested and charged with driving revoked/suspended for DUI, no insurance, improper registration and no seatbelt on September 18 by WVSP Tpr. S.A. Belt. He was released on a $2,000 bond.