Food fight ends with criminal charges

Debbie RolenStaff Writer

December 12, 2012

LOGAN – A mother and daughter both face charges after an altercation, alleged to be about steaks or food items in the house, got physical.

The criminal complaint says West Virginia State Trooper J. G. Honaker responded to a domestic situation at a residence in Lorado on Sunday. Upon arrival, the officer witnessed Bobbie Clay, 45, hitting and pulling the hair of her daughter Kaila Clay, 21. The two were both members of the household.

After Trooper Honaker separated the two, he was advised they were fighting over food. According to the complaint, defendant Bobbie Clay refused to sit down and stop yelling and cussing at the victim. The officer observed and was told the defendant had thrown several items out of the residence and had broken several items inside the residence. The officer also observed a homemade soda can marijuana pipe with burned marijuana on it in defendant Bobbie Clay’s room inside the residence. The defendant refused to give the officer a written statement.

Bobbie Clay was charged with domestic assault, domestic battery, destruction of property, obstructing and simple possession. She was arraigned and released under $3000 bond.

Kaila Clay was charged with domestic battery and domestic assault. She was arraigned and released under $1,500 bond.

Boyfriends of the two victims, Terry Jude and Josh Allen were both interviewed by the officer. According to the complaint, the men told the officer the altercation began with the two arguing over steaks and then the confrontation became physical. The complaint goes on to say Mr. Jude and Mr. Allen had both tried to separate the two women.