Woman learns not to mess with the law

Debbie RolenStaff Writer

February 28, 2013

When two West Virginia State troopers answered a call to Monaville about a domestic situation, they quickly became part of the action. One of the two women appeared to want the troopers to leave hurting the other woman to her. The criminal complaint tells the story in the following paragraphs.

Trooper J.G. Honaker was trying to get one of the women to lie on the ground when the other one grabbed him by the shoulder and tried to pull him away. Trooper T.D. Boggs had to get involved and pull Mindy Lee Morgan Rogaczewski, 39, of Flat Rock, Mich., off of Trooper Honaker.

Officers observed the odor of alcohol on Rogaczewski, and she failed the preliminary breath test. Rogaczewski was warned to stop interfering and cursing. Instead of complying with the warning, she leaned toward Trooper Boggs and yelled “Don’t you (expletive deleted) hurt her!” She continued to yell and use profanity until she was secured in the officers’ patrol car.

Rogaczewski was charged with obstructing, assault on an officer, battery on an officer and disorderly conduct. Her bond was set at $3,500.