County commission supports Logan County fish fry

Debbie RolenStaff Writer

April 10, 2013

The Logan County Commission recently gave grants to each municipality to help with the cost of stocking the lake at Chief Logan State Park for the fish fry that will bring all Logan County communities.

Chapmanville Mayor Jerry Price is credited with the idea of bringing all the communities together for a fish fry due to the success his town had at an annual fish fry for its residents the past several years at the old Mullins Farm.

Price wanted to unify the county and getting the residents together from all municipalities at a fish fry would be a good start.

“We want everybody to get to know everybody. We want to be able to work together as towns and cities and to pool together our resources and be able to go to each other for advice. We want to forge relationships and bonds to make us stronger as a community — as Logan County.”

Mayor Jim Blevins and Mayor Serafino Nolletti both echoed Price and said the event last year was a huge success and are looking forward to this year’s event on May 18.