Troopers arrest inmate for having contraband in jail

Debbie RolenStaff Writer

April 17, 2013

West Virginia State Police executed a warrant for an incident which occurred February 23, 2013.

Officers responded to a call from the South Western Regional Jail in reference to an inmate being caught with contraband during a search. They were given a written statement that a phone call had been received stating the defendant might have contraband.

David Nicholas Hager, 29, of Danville, the defendant, had a plastic baggy full of what was believed to be tobacco under the mattress. A further search of the baggy yielded pills, marijuana and a suboxone strip.

The defendant said he found the baggy in the shower and hit it in his room.

Hager was charged with possession of contraband in jail controlled substance, and possession of contraband. Bond was set at $3,500.