West Logan addresses dumping issue

J.D. Charles For The Logan Banner

August 18, 2013

WEST LOGAN — The past month has been a quiet one in the town of West Logan with most complaints revolving around unsightly property and smell coming from the street department garage where people have been tossing their trash in the dumpsters after the street department employees have gone home for the day. That problem may be solved with new rules for dumping in the town, following Monday evening’s monthly council meeting.

West Logan Police Chief Robert Ward told councilmembers that the issue with a torn down house on First Avenue should be resolved soon.

“The only new complaints we have are about some unsightly property,” Ward said, noting one house has been torn down on First Avenue and the rubble should be hauled off soon. Another house had a porch collapse after a local man fell asleep at the wheel and drove into it.

Mayor Darren Akers noted that there were issues at the garage revolving around people who have been dropping their garbage off in the evenings. In the summer heat the garbage can become rather problematic for people who live close to the garage who have to suffer from the smell.

“At one time we talked about putting a fence up around it,” Akers explained, adding that Glen Dingess of the street department and others had reason to believe that some people who no longer lived in the town were still dropping their garbage off at the street department garage by tossing it into the back of the dump truck.

“We have a lot of people who dump their garbage into thee trucks leaving the people who live close by to put up with the stench,” he said. “That is unfair to them.”

Councilmembers recommended passing a rule that required people to leave their garbage at home until picked up by the street department-West Logan has had mandatory garbage service with pick-ups for well over a decade. Councilman Mark Mareske agreed and said the trucks could be locked to keep people from putting rubbish in them. Police Chief Ward said the town could put up “no dumping” signs at the street department garage. When somebody asked about people leaving bags of trash at the garage Ward said that folks caught doing that could be issued citations and fined.

Following discussion the council members agreed to change the rules to avoid public dumping of garbage at the Street Department Garage.

Chief Ward said a new fence had been put up at the Street Department Garage and that he had spoken with Glen Dingess and Ron Bryant about fixing the water lines at the garage which have been down for some time.

Mayor Akers thanked Ward for the extra work he had been doing with the street department noting it was not actually a part of his job.