Controlled burn gets out of hand, damages business

By Kyle Lovern

August 21, 2013

Rachel Baldwin

Staff Writer

TOLER, Ky. - What began as a controlled burn of a wood dwelling located directly beside of the Hatfield Funeral Chapel at Toler, Ky. ended with damage to the business and to a storage building located in close proximity.

According to information provided by Nee Jackson, the Belfry Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD) chief, the 911 call for assistance fighting the out of control blaze came in at 1:43 p.m. and within a few brief moments, ten members of the BVFD were on scene with two trucks.

“The individuals burning the rubble from the dilapidated structure were only intending to burn a small portion of the debris but the entire pile of wood and other materials quickly ignited before they realized what was happening, “ said Jackson. “As soon as we arrived and got set up, we initiated a water screen attack and got the heat off of the Hatfield Funeral Home and the building in the alley behind the fire.”

The vinyl siding on the top portion of the left side of the funeral home suffered extensive damage and at least 75 percent of the exterior wall was melted, and the large storage building belong to the Hatfield’s that sits nearby also suffered the same fate.

“The damage was thankfully contained to the siding, it could have been a lot worse,” remarked Jackson. “My firefighters did an awesome job of responding within just a few minutes of receiving the page and jumped into action and got the flames under control.”

A phone call was made to the Hatfield Funeral Chapel on Tuesday to see if the owners (David and Cathy Hatfield) had received information about the cost to replace the damaged siding and a message was left, nut no return call was received.