Do You Know Logan’s Leading Merchants?

Logan County Genealogical Society

September 13, 2013

We have been pressing the concrete and brick along Stratton street, almost daily all through the year of 1923, trying to show the shop and store keepers why they should advertise, and usually found most of them willing customers, and here’s hoping we find them all prospering in 1924.

All of them means a lot. The first place you run into is the Columbia Café, an ideal place to get a bit of eats and a drink, (of course we mean a soft drink), then comes the United Tailors, fitters of men, head to foot; next in line is Moore’s Combination Hardware Store where you can select anything you might need in the Hardware line. If you are bothered with the toothache just stop and go upstairs at the next place and Dr. Witten will fix you up in jig time and it would not be a bad idea to leave your car at the Chafin filling station which is next in line and they will fill it up with oil and gas, while you are shopping. Then you’ll come to Tiger Weiner’s place, the Goodfit tailoring Co., who specializes in men’s clothing. Just beyond his place, you will run into Jacobson’s Ladies’ Shop, anything milady wears.

Then perhaps you might be a little thirsty or want a little medicine so you can just step into the Elk Drug and Dr. Tobin will see that you are served. Now we come to the Hub Store, which usually has anything that sister, brother, father, mother or baby needs. Next is the place to have your picture taken at Carter’s Studio – just upstairs over the Hub, and of course you can’t afford to miss the Quality Shop. They handle a magnificent line of ladies’ wearing apparel. By this time you will come to the National Dollar Store – anything from a nickel up to a dollar, with the Shoe Market coming next, where you can fit your feet no matter how bad a shape they be in. Right here the Red Star Taxi Co., is waiting on you; then you come to the Logan Jewelry Co., and the Flower Shop, with a complete line of high class jewelry, and choice flowers. A few steps farther and you can step into the Bell Department Store’s door, a complete line of general merchandise. Perhaps by this time you will be at the Busy Bee a little hungry, so you can just stop at the Busy Bee Restaurant and get what you want. After leaving the Busy Bee you will come to the People’s Store-one of the oldest establishments in the city with anything in the wearing apparel line. The Leader Store comes next with high class clothing for both sexes. Over on the other corner is the Five, Ten and Twenty-five cent store, after this you come to the Lewis Cafeteria, as good as any in the state. Next on the line is Ammar Bros. Drygoods. By this time your money will be getting a little low so the First National Bank is just a few steps ahead. Any thing you might want you can find at Bevill Hardware, only one door farther. They have four floors all hardware and furniture. Then we have the K. and H. Drugstore – able to take care of you in anything in that line. Next on the list is Brown Loan Co., and Army Store. They loan money and can fix you up with anything in the clothing line. If you have any clothes that need cleaning or pressing just walk a few steps farther and you will come to the American Dry Cleaning Co. Probably you like music so while you are up that far drop into the Alfred Wiley Piano House and look their line over-it will surprise you. Up a little farther we have the Logan Bottling Works, and the Paige Motor Sales Co. Cross the street and come down the other side you will see the Sanitary Meat Market, meats and groceries of all kinds. If you have a little time that you do not know what to do with just drop into the Virginia Pool Room – it is right on the corner. After leaving the Pool Room, perhaps you might need a haircut so you can have it done at the Wellman Barber Shop. After you get your hair cut you will be facing Murphy’s Dug Out – a nice place to pass the time away.

Then we have the Logan Garage, which handles the famous Dodge cards. Turning down the other side of the block, you come to the Parkins-Morris Motor Sales Co. catering to the Oldsmobile a wonderful car for the money. If you want to take any groceries home with you just stop at Beckett’s Grocery, which is the next place. By the side of the Grocery is the Buick Automobile Agency and of course you know the Buick car. Then you come to the Logan Mercantile Company, Logan’s largest store. They handle hardware, furniture, men’s and women’s clothing-in fact anything you might need. Across the street is the Standard, with everything for the ladies. You might be looking for another Drug Store, so here it is right in front of you, The Guyan, Logan’s oldest drugstore. Walking on around the corner of the Guyan Valley Bank and west on Stratton street, you come to the Bank of Logan, everybody’s friend. Stop in and see for yourself. The Wells and Frank young men’s furnishing store looms up just one more door down with everything for the men. Wellman’s jewelry store comes next with a nice line of jewelry.

Then if you want something else done in the barber line you can have it done at Holt’s Barber shop which is next in line. After leaving the barber shop you will come to Bloom’s store. Of course you know Bloom’s. They have a general merchandise store with an army store in the basement. If you happen to want a room to take a nap in try the Pioneer and Aracoma Hotels, they are at your service. Then comes the Valley Drug store. Just over on the next corner, on down a little farther is Kerwood’s Grocery, with everything in the meat and grocery line.

Then we have the Star Shoe store, perhaps you need a pair of shoes-so try here. Shorty May’s Pool room and shine parlor is next, and you stand next for a shine. After you get a shine you will come to Hager’s Fashion shop, an ideal place for the ladies to find what they desire in the wearing apparel line, Guyan Dry Goods company comes next with a full line of general merchandise.

Now come the Beckett and Brough Furniture store, with your furniture. After this you will walk into the Smoke House Pool room. They have magazines or anything in the reading line. Next in front of you is the Grimes Music store, musical instruments of all kinds. Then you will be able to stop at the Smith’s Clothes shop, an excellent place for the young man to outfit himself. Perhaps you like candy, so just stop at the Sugar Bowl next door and get what you want. Perhaps there is something in the men’s clothing line you might need, so next door is The Real Tailors; then the Lewis Furniture company, with four floors of high class furniture, and someone to entertain you while you look it over. Next is the Middleburg theatre, showing from 10 A.M. to 11 P.M. Crossing the street to Furguson’s Tailoring Shop, he can fit you as you like. If you are ready to go and want a taxi just look out toward the bridge and you will see the Logan County Bus Company’s sign, or if you are leaving on the train you can find a bit to eat at Frelin White’s Restaurant. On down next to the depot, besides those places mentioned above there are two wholesale hardware houses and two wholesale supply houses and numerous automobile agencies and garages. If you cannot find anything that you might happen to want at any of the above places, we would advise you to forget your wants. (Avis ends the article by wishing all the above merchants and readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.)

By O.D. Avis for the Logan Banner, December 21, 1923 and published in Logan County Genealogical Society Newsletter, Vol. 29, Issue 2, 2006

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