WPD DUI checkpoints lead to arrests, citations

By Kyle Lovern

September 15, 2013

Kyle Lovern


WILLIAMSON – The Williamson City Police has been holding several DUI checkpoints and the hard work is paying off with multiple arrests and citations.

The checkpoints recently led to four DUI arrests, according to new police chief Barry Blair. Those included George Maynard, Patricia Thornhill, Angela Fox and Melanie Justice.

Blair said most of the DUI were because of drugs, rather than alcohol. Many of the motorists arrested for driving under the influence are because of prescription drug abuse, cocaine and even heroin.

WPD patrolman Bert Gibson said that law enforcement officers are seeing a rise in heroin on the streets of Williamson and throughout the county.

On Thursday night, led by Blair, the WPD issued 14 citations on 21 various charges. Those tickets issued included expired registration, failure to yield, no registration, improper registration, improper child restraint and no insurance.

Other citations issued were for public intoxication, defective equipment and miscellaneous DUS.

Other WPD officers who have been involved in the DUI checkpoints within the city limits were Sgt. John Hall, Josh Tincher and Jarrod Marcum. The WDP has also been assisted by deputies of the Mingo County Sheriff’s Department and troopers from the Williamson detachment of the West Virginia State Police.

The WPD was scheduled to have held another DUI checkpoint on Saturday night.

Chief Blair said if any citizen suspects drug activity or someone driving while intoxicated should contact the WPD.