Sparks says Thornsbury is trying to ‘bury’ him

Rachel Baldwin rbaldwin@civitasmedia.com

September 19, 2013

WILLIAMSON - “I am shocked beyond belief about the allegations made against me in the Federal Information Order released this morning,” stated Mingo County Prosecuting Attorney, C. Michael Sparks, during an exclusive interview with the Williamson Daily News.

“I firmly deny playing any part in this alleged conspiracy, I had absolutely nothing to do with this.”

Sparks was speaking about allegations made against him by the U.S. Attorney’s office concerning a scheme to keep a defendant indicted on drug charges from communicating with federal agents, to discuss information regarding alleged illegal drug buys made by the late Sheriff, Eugene Crum.

“This meeting they are referring to in the Information Order did not take place with me present,” said Sparks. “If the meeting did occur, I can assure you that I was not present.”

George White, who was indicted and arrested in January of this year after a controlled drug buy was made by an undercover informant at his place of business, was supposedly offered a lighter prison sentence if he agreed to fire his attorney, Charles “Butch” West, and replace him with an attorney (Ron Rumora) that was favored by the Judge, Sparks, Sheriff Crum and Commissioner David Baisden, and have no further dealing with the FBI.

“The deal that George White got was the deal that was offered to him in January,” said the prosecutor. “I told his family then that he would have to agree to plead guilty to two felony drug charges as well as a substantial forfeiture, and that is exactly what happened. White pled guilty to two felony charges and agreed to forfeit $10,000 and was sentenced to prison.”

“I fully expected Judge Thornsbury to engage in dishonest measures and to make false allegations against me, to exact vengeance against me in retaliation for my cooperation with his federal investigation. With that being said, I pray that the U.S. Attorney’s office will realize that in Thornsbury has every reason in the world to try to bury me.”

“I have witnesses that were in my office at the times the discussions about White took place. I in no way participated in a conspiracy to violate this defendant’s rights or agreed to a lighter sentence.”

“I want the public to know that I did nothing wrong. Mr. White was not given any special treatment, nor did he receive a lighter sentence for his crime than others who were charged. This defendant had no prior criminal record, he was given the same type of deal that any other defendant would have received under the same circumstances.”

Sparks went on to say that Thornsbury is known for his attempts to frame people.

“It’s apparent that I am going to be the next R.W. on his hit list of who he plans to lie on and frame for something that they did not do. I am clearly the target that he has in the sights of his gun.”