Mud Fork FWB ladies meet

Martha Sparks msparks@civitasmedia.com

September 29, 2013

MUD FORK — Mud Fork Freewill Baptist Church Ladies Aide recently met with 12 members present.

Two new members, Dolly Dalton and Tina Conley, were welcomed into the group.

The ladies set dates for several events for the next three months: A dinner out was set for sometime in October and names were exchanged for Secret Sisters. The meeting was dismissed with prayer led by Michael Mullins.

Those attending were Sissy Adams, Sue Watkins, Dorothy Collins, Navonna Browning, Taylor Browning, Bernice Blair, Danielle Mullins, Paisley Mullins, Dolly Dalton, Tina Conley, Beverly Collins, Halie Collins, Kaki Collins, Gladys Schmitt, Ann Deer and Alyson Green.