Swim meet set for Saturday at Chief Logan Rec Center

October 1, 2013

CHIEF LOGAN STATE PARK — The Chief Logan Rec Center Swim Team is back in action!

The swim team, coached by Kristy Schroeder, has been practicing for the past few weeks and is getting ready for Saturday’s meet at the Chief Logan Rec Center. The October 5 meet will be the first swim meet of the season for the team, which competed in one swim meet last year and a minimeet this spring.

The meet this Saturday will be a HYCAT meet, which will bring in swimmers from the Charleston area and other clubs throughout the state.

Schroeder is happy with the progress made by the swim team since it started last year. She said she has 15 returning swimmers and a few new kids.

“We have two new swimmers and around 15 that came back,” Schroeder said. “This group is a lot different than last year, because we have doubled our training since last year, so these are the really dedicated swimmers.”

Schroeder said she is impressed with the team’s growth as competitive swimmers.

“The swimmers who came back from last year aren’t really the beginners now,” Schroeder said. “They are more advanced and they are doing more. The returners know all the strokes now, so we’ve been able to do a lot more in practice. Last October when we started, they struggled to do 15 laps a practice and now we’re doing 70-80, so, yeah, we’re doing pretty good.

“I think they will definitely be competitive with the other swimmers. Those other teams have swimmers that have been swimming for years, so we still have some ground to make up, but I still think we are doing better. I am very excited to see how we will do against the programs that have been around for several years.”

Schroeder said the team has been invited to join HYCAT - the Huntington Y Charleston Aquatic Team as its southern club - by HYCAT Coach Greg Olsen. Schroeder said the team has accepted the invitation.

“He has asked us to join them and he will register our swimmers under HYCAT,” Schroeder said. “It will give us opportunities, because they are a more experienced program. He is the main contact for USA Swimming in West Virginia, so he gets lots of information from other swimmers and he can pass them to us. It gives us a chance for our team to get bigger because he can pass swimmers that contact him down to us. It also helps with meet entries.”

Schroeder said Olsen will be a good mentor for her as a coach in her second year with the Chief Logan Rec Center program.

“He is also a good reference for me as a new coach,” Schroeder said. “He said he would help us with anything we need and I could go to him for advice and things like that.”

The team will compete in its second swim meet of the season on October 20 at the Chief Logan Rec Center.

During that meet, the Chief Logan team will hold compete against the Beckley YMCA swim team.

For more information, call the Chief Logan Rec Center at 304-855-8591.