Town of Man thinks pink

By Jerry Fekete and Debbie Rolen

October 8, 2013

MAN — Man Mayor Jim Blevins signed a proclamation on Saturday, October 5, just before the start of the Breast Cancer Awareness walk at South Man. A large crowd came out for the very special event as October is breast cancer awareness month. Several breast cancer survivors attended the walk, including Sherry Thompson Mullins, a breast cancer survivor from 2005. Mullins, now 62 years old, spearheaded the cancer fundraiser, along with a host of friends and many of her family members including her 71-year-old sister, Helen Griffin, who also had some breast issues in 2006. Both women are doing well now.

Mullins’ group raised over $2,000 Saturday, with tag day in downtown Man and at Mt. Mart Village at Huff Junction. Students who helped tag all day Saturday included: Payton, Shyann, Dararn, Hunter, Mitchell, Kenny Joe, Destiny, John Thomas, Sarah, Neil, Summer, Emily, Bethane, Cameron, Dylan, Dana, Blake Bryce and Brian.

“We have a lot of loving and caring people in the Man area”, said Mullins, ” People opened up their hearts and wallets and dug deep for this wonderful cause. I have been shedding tears all day long Sunday, the day after the fund raiser. I am a recipient of that program, and without it, I wouldn’t be a live today. I thank God most of all. It’s an honor to work on this. Without the help and support of family and friends I couldn’t have done it without them. Teenage kids gave up there Saturday to tag with us. My sister Helen is 71 years old and she stood out in the heat all day Saturday. The kids know what the program has done for me, my niece and nephews, I have told them about it and they love to help out each year. I explained to them that all the money goes for screening and research for breast cancer for women in the state of West Virginia. Our family really sticks together. Also, my friend Judy Farmer is a big help to the fundraiser, we raised $2,232 dollars Saturday. I would like to thank Man Mayor Jim Blevins for letting us tag in downtown Man and all my family and friends.”

Mullins will continue to collect money and asks everyone to send her a dollar at 109 Charles St., Logan WV 25601.