Glick plans guilty plea in arson case

Ron Gregory For The Logan Banner

October 11, 2013

A Logan businessman well known for his contributions to various community organizations has agreed to plead guilty in an arson case, authorities said.

A plea hearing has been set for October 16 in Southern District Court for James Glick. Glick is best known as manager of the 317 Steakhouse located on Stratton Street in downtown Logan.

Glick had pleaded not guilty last month when he was arraigned on charges that he was imvolved in the arson across the street from his restaurant.

According to Federal authorities, Glick and William Thompson, Guy Miller and Shawn Simon were involved in an elaborate scheme to have the building appraised at far more than its true market value. They then caused the building to be burned, thus collecting the fire insurance on the property.

The other defendants in the case pleaded not guilty to the charges against them as well.

During the arraignment, Glick’s attorney, James Cagle of Charleston, presented a host of witnesses who testified as to Glick’s good nature and support for community organizations. Those who testified specifically mentioned youth athletics as a major interest for Glick’s financial support.

But Federal prosecutors presented videotape of Glick allegedly threatening witnesses and attempting to force cooperation from his co-defendants. They said Glick was motivated by the $1 million settlement he collected from the fire.

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