History of the Hoskins family is revealed in ‘Did You Tell Them Who You Are?’

October 29, 2013

ST. ALBANS, W.Va. – Mingo County in West Virginia is best known as the scene of the vicious Hatfield-McCoy feud, but for author Rebecca Hoskins Goodwin, it has been home to her family for generations. In her new book, “Did You Tell Them Who You Are?: A Hoskins Family Story,” Goodwin shares her family history, a story of life in the Appalachian Mountains, with future generations.

“I wanted my grandchildren to understand our family history, the history of our region, and the relevance of that history to who we are,” writes Goodwin.

The Hoskins family migrated from Maryland, to North Carolina/Tennessee before the Revolutionary War. Later they moved to eastern Kentucky where they have lived for generations. In the early 1900’s, Allen Lewis Hoskins, Goodwin’s grandfather, settled in Mingo County and married Lucy Patterson of Franklin County, Virginia. Using a wealth of information including DNA, photographs and legal documents, Goodwin recounts the story of her family’s history as its members grow and change with the Appalachian Mountains around them. “It seemed important to place these stories in the historical and geographical setting in which they happened,” she says.

Goodwin’s extensive historical research frames her ever-growing family as she moves backwards and forward in time to tell the stories of Allen and Lucy’s ancestors and their descendants. Her work will no doubt inspire readers to research their own families. “Genealogy is a very popular hobby in the United States today,” she says. “This book will be of interest to the thousands of people who research their own family history.”

“Did You Tell Them Who You Are?” is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Rebecca Louise Hoskins Goodwin, EdD, a graduate of Marshall University and West Virginia University, has spent her life as a student, teacher and school administrator. She has been honored with the Award of Distinction from the Graduate School of Education and Professional Development at Marshall’s 175th anniversary celebration. Goodwin’s work on the school principalship has been published in peer-reviewed journals in the United States and abroad.