Godby honored as Logan County Teacher of the Year

November 7, 2013

The Logan County Board of Education is proud to honor long-time educator John E. Godby as the 2013-2013 Teacher of the Year. Mr. Godby, a history teacher at Logan High School, was honored for his commitment to education inside and outside of the classroom.

After graduating from Logan High School, Mr. Godby’s father, a coal miner, encouraged him to further his education and receive a college degree. In 1968, Godby enrolled in the Logan branch of Marshall University and started taking general education courses. A world history class sparked his interest, and he soon began excelling in the field of social studies.

Mr. Godby taught the Bible in church, and he was able to apply his history studies involving the Hebrews, Roman Empire, Crusades, and the Reformation in this area of his life. After two years of study, he completed his teaching degree in comprehensive social studies. In 1977, Godby received a master’s degree in secondary education principal certification. He later went on to complete three certifications in Bible studies from the Scofield Bible Course of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

Godby says one of the primary reasons he became a teacher is because he had a calling to work with young people, especially teenagers. “God has placed in my heart a desire, not only to teach them about social studies, but to show them the best way to have a successful and happy life.” For more than 30 years, Godby has dedicated his life to teaching children both inside and outside of the classroom to maintain high morals and values.

He has used his teaching career as an opportunity to become involved in many different organizations within the school system and the community. Godby has been a class sponsor for Logan High School and an advisor for the Key Club. He is currently the sponsor for the Prayer Club and the Teens Against Alcohol and Drugs (TAAD) organization and is the director of the LHS homecoming parades. Other campaigns he is involved with at LHS include Prom Promise, Red Ribbon Drug Free Weeks, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and the Federal Summer Lunch Program.

For the past 31 years, Godby has served as the pastor of the First Baptist Church of McConnell. Through his leadership, the church has garnered a large youth congregation and is recognized

throughout the region for its community service. Mr. Godby is the chairman of the Christmas Outreach Project/Victory over Hunger Campaign that assists less fortunate families during the holidays. He is a member of the Wal-Mart Feeding America Program, Kroger’s Donate Don’t Dump Program, and the Huntington Area Food Bank. He is also the commissioner of the Logan County Summer Church Basketball League (affectionately named “Godby-Ball” to those involved).

Mr. Godby helps organize many donation projects within LHS and the community. In 1996, WSAZ named him a “Hometown Hero” for his work initiating the LHS Prayer Club’s food drives that provide assistance to many families each holiday season.

Godby is a member of the Professional Educators of West Virginia and served on the 2013 county social studies textbook selection committee. At LHS, he has taught a number of history courses, and for ten years, he has been an instructor of dual-credit courses offered through Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College.

Mr. Godby has been recognized several times throughout his career for his commitment to education. In 1995, the State of West Virginia presented him with a Visionary Award, and the American Legion honored him as the Distinguished Teacher of the Year in 1992. Under Godby’s direction, the Logan High School Prom Promise Committee was given the 2012 Grand Champion Award for West Virginia by Nationwide Insurance.

Mr. Godby says his greatest reward is learning about his students who are successful after high school. “To learn that individuals I have taught are college graduates, business owners, fruitful workers, and great family people are the most memorable and rewarding to me.”

Godby was presented the Teacher of the Year award by the Logan County Board of Education during its LSIC meeting at Logan High School on Monday, October 22, 2013.