Service clubs host Tri-Club dinner

J.D. Charles For Civitas Media

December 1, 2013

It was a day of old-school social networking on Nov. 21 when members of the Kiwanis Club of Logan, Lions Club of Logan and Rotary Club of Logan gathered together at the Nighbert Memorial Methodist Church for the annual Tri-Club Dinner of Logan’s service clubs.

Many times past-president of the Lions Club, Roger Perry acted as Master of Ceremonies for the event and introduced special guest speaker Minister Doug Craven of the Presbyterian Church in Logan.

Craven spoke about his admiration of motivational speakers like Zig Ziggler and what he had learned from their techniques. Craven discussed success and how many different people see it in different ways. Craven said a recent survey showed 60 percent of the people questioned said they would change their job right now. He noted that others feel that having a simplified life is more desirable than worldly wealth and riches, but noted everybody wants to be a winner in life.

“It is no fun being on the losing side,” he said.

Craven said limits, overreacting, excuse making, resentfulness and other negative traits are the traits of a loser. On the other hand, initiative, knowledge, enthusiasm and respect are the traits of winners.

“Losers often make excuses to quit early,” he said. “It is easy to quit… And many people resent it when you offer help and constructive criticism.”

“Those who can accept constructive criticism can often find the insights they need to succeed,” Craven said. “If we want to succeed in life, what do we need to do? Acknowledge what our foundation is and work with it to maximize it. We have to take advantage of that and we have to have a passion and a purpose.”

Craven said people often ignore the strengths they have, which are needed to move forward and face challenges.

“We have to have initiative…We have to have drive. The journey of a lifetime begins with your first step… But you have to be willing to go. You have to be willing to grow.”

Craven noted that we do not live in a static world and change surrounds us.

“Enthusiasm is needed to gain the momentum to grow,” he said. …”Yes, sometimes life sucks. But we have been given so much…We need to show enthusiasm… and if you do not respect yourself, how can you respect others… Even if you do not like somebody you should respect them. We are all part of the family of man. We are called upon to respect one another.”

Craven noted being a winner or loser often boils down to which choices a person makes.