Man Elementary School Pre-K talks about what they do for Christmas

December 18, 2013

The students at Whitney Preston’s Pre-K class at Man Elementary school were asked “What do YOU do for Christmas?” Here is what they had to say:

Kyra: “We bake some cookies and ham and an apple after we’re all done. That’s all.”

Noah: “We don’t open just one present, we just do them now. And then we don’t let them go.”

Joe: “Me and Mamaw leaves cookies and milk out for Santa Clause. And we open one present for the night. We make a cake and get cakes, buy them. Big old cakes and we even have green beans. Does that sound good? Pork chops and turkey, and well, we decorate the house. And I have to fix my room up for Christmas. And then we get a rope and tie it around the couch, a red dog leash around the couch just in case it flips over so we can flip it back up. And we play the ipad and our new presents and the ipods and phones, whatever you have to play. And we draw. And I have a Christmas card.”

Bryson: “I don’t know.”

Coraline: “Uh, my Mommy and Daddy all Santa Clause gives me Cooper. He’s a bear. We open all of our presents. We always get to see what they are. Santa Clause comes down my chimney and gives me presents.”

Hunter: “I lay out milk and cookies for Santa Clause. I go to sleep. On Christmas morning I open all of my presents. I don’t know if I eat or not. Hmmm. It was one Christmas night and I got presents and I wanted a bow and arrow for Christmas and I got one from Wa-Wa. And what I want…let me tell you something funny. I wanted a toy dinosaur and I got one and so I played with it. Let me tell you something else…one morning when I opened my presents and I played with them. And that’s all.”

Colby: “We play. I get milk and cookies. Put ornaments on the trees. I open presents.”

Baylee Jo: “We open our presents in the morning. My family opens theirs at the night. We just go open our presents at my Mamaw’s. We eat at my Mamaw’s and open presents. We get some stuff for other people. And that’s it.”

Katie: “We open all the presents…just two. Then we eat and play outside. And my sister helps me play with stuff. And then we do the Pledge of Legience. And my dad has this chair and we sit on it and spin around on it. And my dad spills stuff in the frigerator.”

Owen: “I open up one present and a hello doctor with a rainbow. That’s all. Just one. And I got a present for church and I opened it and it “pow” and I loved it at home and it says Owen.”

Bailee: “At Christmas when I open my batman cave toy with batman and the joker and the cave. My favorite things. I be good. My mom lets me open all of them. That’s all.”

Erika: “I open presents and I and it’s something to eat. And I open good presents and its toys and my brother. Me and my brother get toys from Santa that he gives to us. I would like…and I do…and I have a Sofia bed and a new bed. A Sofia bed.”

Abigail: “First in the morning we just open presents. Wait for everybody to open them. Then we just go to bed after that morning that we open them. And Santa Clause comes and that morning, my special cousin that I love and my other cousin that I love, and those cousins come and we eat breakfast in the morning and then we play with our toys the rest of the day and that’s all.”

Skylair: “Open presents, play with my kitty, play with my toys. I go to Chucky Cheese.”

Rylee: “We open presents. I don’t know what else.”

Blake: “Open presents.”

Khloe: “Go to bed. Open my gifts. Eat.”