Letters To The Editor, Dec. 29, 2013

December 29, 2013

Lies and Hypocrisy

Dear Editor,

I have just read the Glenn Mollette column in the Fri., Dec. 13, 2013, issue of the Logan Banner and I can’t understand how any decent person could read this republican garbage without being offended by the hypocrisy and outright lies.

Mr. Mollette said, “corporations were breaking their necks to pay strong hourly wages, hospitalization, and gold-lined retirement plans”. It is an outright lie. Corporate greed is at an all-time high, and the gap in income inequality between the working poor and corporations has been steadily increasing for the last three decades.

It is only the republicans who considered the Minimum Wage Law to be temporary because they have always intended to repeal it. If the republicans get enough political power, the Minimum Wage Law, Social Security, and Medicare will be among the first laws to be repealed. After all the lies about death panels and such, I heard one republican admit that they had to kill the Affordable Care Act in its infancy because it could become popular and be as hard to get rid of as Social Security and Medicare.

Mr. Mollette claims that corporations are fair and that it is the Minimum Wage Law and labor unions that are forcing the better paying jobs out of the country. Have we so soon forgotten the pain and suffering it took to get a union in the first place to fight the miserly wages, the dingy coal camps, and the deplorable working conditions of the corporate mine owners? You might look back on coal camps with nostalgia, but is that the kind of future you want for your children? If enough people vote for republicans, that kind of future is all but assured.

If you still vote for republicans because you think that you have a duty to God to punish abortionists and homosexuals, you should read your Bible again. The Bible says that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. It specifically says that the effeminate and the abusers of themselves with mankind, obviously referring to homosexuals, are among the unrighteous (1 Cor. 6:9.1 0). It is also commonly accepted that murderers, like abortionists, are also among the unrighteous.

The kicker comes in the next verse: “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of God” (1 Cor. 6: 11). Obviously, Christians have a duty to God the Son to spread the good news of His gospel by loving sinners into church so that Jesus can clean them up and save their souls. Also, just as obviously, you can’t stone a sinner to death and love that sinner into church at the same time. Because God the Son has fulfilled the covenant of God the Father, Christians are obligated to obey Jesus because there is no other way to God the Father except through His Son Jesus Christ.

Mr. Mollette managed to denigrate the unemployed by inferring that they’re lazy, he accused labor unions of strong-arming defenseless corporations into taking their money and going where labor is cheap. He insulted both immigrants and hard-working minimum wage earners by suggesting that minimum wage earners should be like immigrants and accept any job that pays a few dollars and he wrongly insinuated that President Kennedy would favor greedy corporations over the working poor.

Just recently, the Republican Party took food stamps away from millions of people while keeping the “welfare” subsidies to corporations in full effect. The Republican Party also cut more than a million people off of unemployment right at Christmas time. Mr. Mollette, I hope that God will show more mercy to you than you and your kind have shown to anybody who isn’t rich.


Russell Marcum



The Wrong Message


I, like so many others, have found myself intrigued with the Mingo County issues that we continue to read about daily in our local newspapers. Long time elected officials pleading guilty to illegal acts with others sure to follow suit. A slain sheriff who was buried a hero, and now has become the target for criminal accusations.

Is anyone really surprised with the information coming from Mingo County? Is there anyone out there who thinks it is confined just to Mingo County? Former Judge Thornsbury once told a man “If you do the crime, you must be willing to do the time”. Sadly, the young man did every day of his sentence because the judge maxed him out regardless of the fact that the young man admitted to everything and had a Vietnam veteran father who is the recipient of a Purple Heart speak as to how he would do his very best to assist his son in getting on the straight and narrow if the judge would just show a little leniency. The Judge did not!

The wrong message that I am talking about is the one that caters to lifetime, career criminals and corrupt politicians. When a person has lived a life of crime or corruption (as in the case of many of our elected officials that end up “Going Down”), they get the chance to have their sentences reduced significantly on what they are able to inform the federal prosecutors on. If a person has lived a clean life and falls off of the straight and narrow path, he or she will feel the full force of the law because they don’t have “leverage” to assist them in having their sentences reduced.

When a lifetime drug dealer gets busted, he just informs the investigators on all of the low level contacts and mid-level drug dealings that allow them to build more cases on others and for this, the career criminal is rewarded with slaps on the wrists or far shorter sentences than someone who has been arrested for the first time. Now let me state that I think it is AWESOME when criminals and corrupt politicians point the fingers at each other but that should not allow them the ability to get away with their crimes.

Our area has SEVERE issues with drugs. Prostitutes do not walk the streets to allow nasty men who don’t have the ability to get a woman on their own merits to have their way with them because they want attention… they do it because they are hopelessly addicted to drugs. If you speak to employers all over our area one of the biggest issues they have with the hiring process is the lack of young men and women who can successfully pass a urinalysis exam to get a job.

We need drug rehabilitation and more than just a few small programs. We need Rehab centers on every corner from the looks of our area. Our very own Sheriff Sonya Porter has stood in public forums and has stated that 90 percent or more of all crime in this area is drug related. With those stats, EVERY elected official should be focused on bringing those capabilities to Southern West Virginia.

In closing, I want to reiterate my stance on criminal activities and corruption in politics. BOTH are destroying everything that we have left in Southern West Virginia. From the so called Leader? that only shows his head when he is down here trying to convince you that he cares, to the white trash meth head that is cooking up a fresh batch of death to peddle to our youths, BOTH types need to go! Reduced sentences should not be on the table. If you want to allow them to roll to keep from breaking big rocks into little rocks and instead get to work in the cafeteria then that is fine… but to allow someone to walk, or to keep their license because they prove the saying “There is no honor amongst thieves”, is a discredit to the entire legal and political system.

I for one hope that when this is done, the former judge Thornsbury gets everything he deserves and has to look into the eyes of a higher judge who will loudly state to him “if you do the crime, you must be willing to do the time”.

Sappers Clear The Way!

Airborne All The Way!

MAJ (RET) Richard Ojeda