MSAC Swim Meet set for Saturday at Chief Logan Rec Center

Staff Report

January 30, 2014

CHIEF LOGAN STATE PARK — The recent chemical spill into the Elk River and subsequent water ban has caused a state swim meet to relocate to the Chief Logan Rec Center this weekend.

The Mountain State Athletics Conference will hold a state meet at the Chief Logan Rec Center on Saturday, starting at noon.

The swim meet will include swimmers from 11 teams — George Washington High School, Huntington High, Hurricane, Cabell Midland, Capital, Woodrow Wilson, South Charleston, Nitro, Parkersburg, Spring Valley and Winfield.

GW Coach Melissa Case is in charge of the swim meet and she said the pool where they usually hold the MSAC swim meet — at the University of Charleston — had to be drained due to the recent chemical spill that caused around 300,000 residents in nine counties to be without water for more than a week. After the pool was refilled, the temperature was rising only about three to four degrees a day, which was not quick enough to get it to the 80 degrees necessary for the swim meet. Case said the temperature on Wednesday was 56 in the pool.

So, the MSAC swim meet was relocated to the Chief Logan Rec Center pool.

Case said she is glad to be swimming again at the rec center pool. She coached her team in a swim meet there two years ago and said she likes the facilities.

“One of the big plusses is that it has eight lanes and that gives swimmers a warm-down lane, where they can get in a lane during events and swim,” Case said. “It’s a nice facility and I think that some of these teams who have never been there will be pleasantly surprised at the facility.”

Case said there could be as many as 350 swimmers at the event on Saturday and it should last about five to six hours.

“It’s a championship meet and I’ll be bringing around 30 kids,” she said. “And some of the other schools are just as big. They have nice deck space, but it will still be crowded with that many swimmers in there.”

Case said some of her swimmers who swam at the Chief Logan Rec Center enjoyed the experience two years ago.

“I think some of the kids think it’s a fast pool,” she said. “This event might allow some people to see this great facility and want to use it. I hope that it generates enough interest to cause Logan High School to start its own swim team. I wish I had a practice facility as nice as the Chief Logan Rec Center.”

For more information on the MSAC swim meet or for more information on the activities and facilities the rec center offers, call the Chief Logan Rec Center at 304-855-8591.