Man Fire Department gets new ladder truck

J.D. Charles For The Logan Banner

February 16, 2014

MAN — The Town of Man has received its first ladder truck thanks to a donation of a surplus truck from the Logan Fire Department. Man Fire Chief Bill Weese discussed the truck and a proposal to house it at the February meeting of the Man Town Council on Feb. 10.

“As some of you know, the town was given our first ladder truck by the Logan Fire Department,” Weese explained. “….It has been completely refurbished. The only problem is we have to have a proper facility to house it.”

Weese said that the truck had to be kept in an enclosed environment to keep equipment on it from freezing — as well as to protect the truck from thieves and vandals.

“We have looked around and there is one local businessman who has a space possibly up for bid that could accommodate what we need,” Weese said, noting that the man was wanting $137,000 for the property which is located behind the 7-11. Weese said the Fire Department had done lease-purchasing agreements before.

“If we put $37,000 down, we can make payments and pay off the other $100,000,” Weese said, noting the structure would need some repairs and renovations.

Weese said the department had $90,000 in a CD that could be utilized on the project. Weese said that while the regular payments could be an issue, the town routinely received money each year from the Fire and Emergency Levy from the County.

“I don’t want to get into the position of putting up a second fire station,” Weese said. “I don’t think we need to maintain two fire stations, we just need one building.”

Mayor Jim Blevins said he would like to table the matter until the town could consult with Adrian Hoosier, the town attorney, on the matter.

Councilman John Fekete had some major news as well. Fekete said this year the Park Board had met and agreed to not open the town’s swimming pool this summer. For the past few years the town has operated the pool in the summertime after it had reverted to town control. Fekete said the matter came about due to a lack of funding.

“The picnic areas will still be opened from daylight to dark, as will the shelters and the walking track,” Fekete said, adding that he did have some good news. “The Department of Natural Resources has been contacted about putting in a boat dock, and a handicapped fishing area.”

In other Man news:

• A date has been set for an upcoming election in the Town of Man about a long discussed annexation proposal. The election will be held on Saturday, June 7.

• Town Accountant Jeff Valet said the town of Man will have a special budget meeting coming up soon, before the annual levy is laid. Valet said the town had a significant bill ($18,000) for pipe for a town water project and to purchase supplies for the project.

• The minutes from the January meeting were approved. Financial statements for the town and its water department were approved.