News from the Gleaners Class

Martha Sparks msparks@civitasmedia.com

February 23, 2014

CROOKED CREEK — The Gleaners Class at Crooked Creek Church of Christ has held several meeting in the last few months.

The December meeting of the class was held at Gatti’s with President Brenda Adams conducting the meeting.

A short business meeting was held which included reading the minutes of the November meeting and a financial report was given.

Prayer for the meeting and food was given by Karen Dingess; the devotion which was prepared by Shirley Ruggles was read by Dingess.

The class gave lotion to the widows, widowers and shut ins as one of their Christmas projects. The class also donated toys to the Matt Patterson Toy Drive.

Tia Miller played a drawing game with the ladies and small prizes were awarded to the winners.

Those attending were Sandy Ray, Shirley Ruggles, Diana Brewster, Rosemary Adams, Lucille Adams, Peggy Farmer, Karen Dingess, Tia Miller, Debbie Hall, Sharon Lowe, Donna Miller, Sissy McDonald, Debra Secrist, Hannah Secrist, Evelyn Adams and Brenda Adams.

• The class met in the fellowship hall of the church for their January meeting when Brenda Adams and Debbie Hall were hostesses. The ladies enjoyed pizza, salad and desserts on tables decorated in blue and silver with snowflake accents. .

Adams conducted the meeting. The minutes were read by Karen Dingess which was approved and a financial report was given by Shirley Ruggles.

Peggy Farmer gave the devotion on Praising God and gave each lady a survival kit from God that she had assembled.

The ladies had a short business meeting in which they discussed the projects that they would be involved in during the year: donating food items to the “Suffer the Children Ministries” on a monthly basis, this will be a church wide project.

Each lady was also presented with hand sanitizer and holder from the hostesses.

Those attending were Brenda Adams, Debbie Hall, Donna Miller, Karen Dingess, Sandy Ray, Shirley Ruggles, Peggy Farmer, Alfreda Burns, Mary Jane Burns, Rosemary Adams, Diana Brewster and Sharon Lowe.

• The Gleaners met February 11 in the fellowship hall of the church with hostesses Opal Bell and Karen Dingess. Valentine decorations were used and the ladies dined on soup and sandwiches. Desserts were provided by Donna Miller.

Prayer for the meeting, food and the sick was offered by Debra Secrist.

Brenda Adams was in charge of leading the meeting and the secretarial report and financial report was given.

Karen Dingess gave the devotion on what it meant to be “Soul Sisters”, as sisters in Christ a special bond is shared that the world cannot understand. She said that as sisters in Christ we can share being “S”illy because we have joy in our lives. We should be an “I”nspiration to one another, this does not always have to be a spiritual inspiration such as Bible knowledge or in our prayer life but we can inspire others by how we live our lives. We should share our “S”trength with one another, we should “T”alk with one another and share our sorrows and our happiness and listen when someone else has something to say. We should always be “E”ncouraging to one another, we need to be “R”eal and not superficial, and lastly we are joined together because we are “S”aved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Dingess also read from 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter in the Bible. She explained to the ladies that the love in this passage of scripture is Agape love which is the love that God has for us. It is a verb and not a noun. It is an action word, so love is something we do, it is more than a feeling. She encouraged the ladies to love others with this type of love that is described in this passage of scriptures all year long and not just during the Valentine season.

Each lady received valentine candy and a highlighter so they would remember that they were a “highlight” to the hostesses’ life.

Those attending were Karen Dingess, Shirley Ruggles, Diana Brewster, Evelyn Adams, Sharon Lowe, Sandy Ray, Brenda Adams, Rosemary Adams, Hannah and Debra Secrist, Alfreda and Mary Jane Burns, and Debbie Hall.