Logan County to designate Veterans Park

Debbie Rolen drolen@civitasmedia.com

February 27, 2014

Roger Ramey recently spoke to the Logan County Commission and began by saying he doesn’t represent any particular group, but does represent a large group — those who served their country in the military.

Ramey gave an overview of the veterans monuments and memorials in Logan County. The Doughboy statue on Midelburg Island, the World War I memorial, once stood in front of the Logan County Courthouse. When the new courthouse was built, it had to be moved. Some veterans got together and had it moved to where it stands today. They formed a Doughboy Committee, which never changed and has no known survivors.

Over the years, Ramey said the Logan County Commission has done a good job taking care of that monument and other monuments have been added in the same area. The World War I, World War II, Korea, Viet Nam and Medal of Honor memorials are there now.

“We have a history of showing respect and honor to our veterans in Logan County. It stopped with Viet Nam in 1975. I was one of the lucky ones who served in Viet Nam into Desert Storm, so I know what veterans go through, being one of 20 years. What I want to do, with the formation of Veterans Park is to designate the triangle where these monuments are located as Logan County Veterans Park. To have it so designated for all veterans instead of just the Doughboy, so that we can do things over there for Veterans Day, Flag Day and have other functions Boy Scouts or anyone else may want to have. We would have an area designated for all of that.”

Ramey said each generation thinks of the veterans of their generation, but every person who serves in the military is a veteran. There are different classes for the Veterans Administration, but a veteran is a veteran, whether they served in combat somewhere else in the world, or served within the boundries of the United States.

He wants to have a committee formed, possibly one person from each branch of service, who oversees the functions, cleans up the area regularly, cares for the monuments, adds to them and makes sure the monuments are clean and do not deteriorate.

Logan County Commissioner Danny Ellis said, “Whatever we do, whether we do it as a proclamation or resolution to put this committee together, we need to remember the old Doughboys who put the original committee together and honor their contribution to Logan County and their service.”

Commission President Danny Godby agreed with Ellis and added his comments, “About a year ago, we had some of the veterans at Henlawson and some American Legion people help us put together a list of those killed in action from World War I up through the present for Logan County. We plan to put that up there when we can get that done. We are also to put a listing in the county commission office that includes those killed in each war. We can’t honor people enough who have given their life and shed their blood for this country.”

Godby went on to say that as a teacher, it really meant something to him to have everyone say the Pledge of Allegiance every day. He said members of his family had served.

“When we can’t stand before that flag and appreciate what these men and women have done for our country, then we are less of a human being. So, I’m for making it a veterans park.”

Ramey thanked the commissioners for their time and the process to get the park designated and committee formed will be under consideration and addressed.