Three arrested for drugs at Holden

By Debbie Rolen drolen@civitasmedia.com

April 3, 2014

HOLDEN, W.Va. —The Logan County Sheriff’s Department went to a residence at Holden Wednesday, April 2, 2014, to check out a possible illegal burn pile. Instead, they were able to arrest three individuals on drug charges.

The deputies went to the residence of Lisa Chippent at 72 Fairlawn Street in Holden, regarding a possible illegal burn pile. When Deputy N. M. Booth knocked on the door, he was greeted by a female who identified herself as Amber Collins. Deputy Booth asked if he could speak to Mrs. Chippent. Ms. Collins stepped aside to allow him to enter the residence and told him Mrs. Chippent was not home.

Deputy Booth asked if there was anyone else there he could speak to about the burn pile and Collins said she did not know if there was anyone else there. At that time, Deputy Booth heard a noise coming from the back part of the house. According to Deputy Booth Collins appeared to be nervous as she looked in the direction of the noise.

Booth identified himself as Deputy Booth with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department and asked if anyone else was in the home. The noise got louder and Deputy Booth became suspicious and concerned with his and Ms. Collins’ safety.

Deputy Booth chose to investigate the noise in the residence, which had no electricity. He discovered two black males, who were identified as Christian Perkins and his father, Tyrone Perkins, both of Dunbar, W.Va., in a bedroom where the noise came from. The two males advised the deputies that Lisa Chippent was hiding in the attic of the house.

Deputy J. L. Mathis advised Booth he had observed a clear plastic bag lying on the floor of the adjacent bedroom while he was clearing it. The bag appeared to contain a white substance believed to be a cocaine base.

Deputies Booth and Mathis contacted deputies assigned to the U.S. 119 Drug and Violent Crime Task Force to inform them of what had transpired. Awaiting Task Force officers’ arrival, the Sheriff’s Department deputies secured the occupants of the residence and the house.

Task Force officers assisted Deputy Booth in preparing a search warrant for Chippent’s residence, based on the bag which appeared to be cocaine in plain view inside the home. Once Deputy Booth returned to Chippent’s house with the signed search warrant, they began searching the residence.

The bag in plain view contained three other bags with approximately 18 grams of crack cocaine and eight round shaped pills which was identified as clonazepam (a Schedule IV controlled substance) in it.

Lisa Chippent was found hiding in the attic during the search. She was instructed several times to come out of the attic, but a deputy was forced to physically remove her from the attic space and she was administered a one second burst of Vexor (chemical spray) in attempt to control her.

Christian Perkins, age 24, and Tyrone Perkins, age 49, both of Dunbar, W.Va., was placed under arrest for possession of crack cocaine with the intent to deliver and conspiracy to possess crack cocaine with the intent to deliver. Lisa Pauline Chippent, age 39, of Holden, was placed under arrest for possession of crack cocaine with the intent to deliver, conspiracy to possess crack cocaine with the intent to deliver, and obstructing. All three individuals were placed on a $50,000.00 bond each.

Sheriff Porter said, “Just reporting this possible illegal burn pile led deputies to these drug arrests. Our Logan County citizens getting involved in what is going in their community is a great help to the Sheriff’s Department in cracking down on drug violations as well as other crimes.”