Logan declared Purple Heart City

By J.D. Charles For Civitas Media

April 11, 2014

Several members of the Norman R. Miller Chapter 308 of the Vietnam Veterans of America were present at Logan City Hall on Tuesday evening, April 8, to be honored.

“We will have a full house tonight,” Mayor Serafino Nolletti told The Logan Banner explaining that the town was going to be the first in West Virginia to be declared a Purple Heart City. West Virginia has always been a leader in having more residents per capita serve their country in the United States Military and Nolletti said it was important to show care and support for vets.

City Attorney Kendal Partlow read the Declaration, noting it was “in honor of the local veterans and veterans across the nation,” as well as the fact that the proclamation itself was not brief.

Partlow noted that veterans of West Virginia and the United States had often paid a very heavy price for the freedoms all citizens hold dear and benefitted from and that often their patriotism cost them their health or lives. In honor of those brave men and women and their sacrifices, the City of Logan was decreed a Purple Heart City, referring to the well-known military medal.

“We are the first city in West Virginia to do this,” the Mayor said, noting that local veterans had been strong supporters of their communities in West Virginia long after their active duty military service had ended. “It is nice to be the first at something good.”

The council was also approached by Shana Thompson, a resident of Stratton Street who discussed the problem created when traffic was routed through her part of town from the new Route 10 to Man road construction.

Thompson said the reroute has created a speeding problem on that part of Stratton Street, which has become a safety hazard.

“If you can do something about this, the people on Stratton Street will appreciate it.” Thompson added.

Logan Police Chief E.K. Harper said he had no problem with sending more officers to Stratton Street to run radar and hand out tickets to speeders.

In other city council news:

Street Department Commissioner Kevin Marcum had some good news. With spring’s return the asphalt factories are opened up again. The street department will begin several repairs about town.

“We repaired part of the road on Lorraine Street that fell in,” Marcum told The Logan Banner. “We also repaired the grate on Chestnut Street with concrete and repaired the grate for the drain on Dingess Street and Stratton Street…

In other city news: While the city will be hosting a clean up in April the free dumping service will end on Saturday, April 12. Logan will have a contest for best yard and best business.

• The Logan Fire Department handled 70 calls this March, a number that has been up considerably from last year. Many of those calls were structure fires, Chief Scotty Beckett noted, adding that as soon as the two men are finished with training the Logan Fire Department will have its first ever fire investigator and firefighting instructors on duty.

• Logan Chief E.K. Harper said that there were two serious break ins under investigation this month- one at the new bakery in town, the other from the Logan Field House. A suspect was arrested on the field house break in.

• A second reading of a franchise agreement between Suddenlink Media and the City of Logan was read and approved. The city will receive B&O taxes from the agreement as well as a renewal fee, Mayor Nolletti noted.

• Council approved $70,000 payment for routine monthly bills.