Re: Gregory’s Web of Confusion

April 13, 2014


This is in response to Ron Gregory’s column in the April 2, issue of the Logan Banner, and his column and front page article in the April 3, issue.

Mr. Gregory, I am one of those Bible-thumpers you disdain in your column.

You insist that you’re not an atheist, and then you express a belief system that is completely devoid of spiritual worship.

Like the republicans in Congress, you talk out of both sides of your mouth. You condemn the democrats in Mingo County for mixing religion with politics, and you condemn the Governor and the democrats in Charleston for not mixing religion with politics. You claim that you would have voted against the abortion bill yourself, but you condemn Governor Tomblin for vetoing that bill. You said that the Governor’s action was “horrible” and “against the will of the people of West Virginia”.

You claim to believe in God, but then you blame God for all the evil in the world. I have absolutely no doubt that you will find yourself in many more sinful situations than being in the company of bikini-clad females, but how convenient for you that you believe that it was God who predestinated you to be in those situations.

Mr. Gregory, you claim that God predestinated you to do the bad things you do, but then you turn around and imply that the actions of Governor Tomblin and the democrats offend your sense of high moral character. Why is it that God should hold the democrats responsible for their actions, but not hold you responsible for your own?

You insist that you are not an atheist as though that fact alone endows you with high morals. If you read the Bible on which I thump, you will see that because Satan knows God, Satan is also “not an atheist”.

You can pick a few verses out of the Bible and build any belief system you want from them. While it is true that God did predestinate a few individuals like John the Baptist to fulfill His plan of salvation, you sir are no John the Baptist.

There is a huge difference between foreknowledge and predestination. Just because God has the foreknowledge to know what will happen, it does not mean that He scripted every action of every person to make it happen. If man doesn’t have free will, then the whole Bible is a lie, and Jesus died on the Cross in vain.

What does it mean to be a Christian? You can’t be a follower of Jesus if you’re not obeying Jesus. Jeremiah prophesied that the New Covenant of Jesus would make every man responsible for his own sins (Jer. 31:30-32). Punishing women for what they do with their own bodies is not obeying Jesus. Forcing a woman to not have an abortion through threats of punishment cannot save that woman from her own sins, and it can only condemn those who do the forcing.

There is nothing about Jesus that can stir fear, anger, and hatred among Christians, so the republicans must embrace the Old Covenant and convince Christians to do the same. One of the major differences between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant is that God the Father required His people to do the punishing in the Old, but Jesus requires His followers to love one another in the New and leave the punishing of sinners to Him.

Therefore, it’s not Governor Tomblin who needs prayers for his soul; it’s those poor, misguided Christians who follow after the republicans who need the prayers. The democrats don’t approve of abortion, they simply believe that every woman has the right to exercise her own free will to choose Heaven or Hell, and trust in Jesus to do the punishing.

Real Christians need to speak out more about Jesus. The republicans are already condemned by their love of money, so they have nothing to lose in denying Christ. “For the love of money is the root of all evil …” (I Tim 6:10). The republicans would have Christians believe that those words don’t really mean what they say, but if you read the rest of that verse, there is no other reasonable meaning. The rest of that verse says that those who covet after money have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Mr. Gregory, you said in your column, “If the choice is God or bikini-clad females, I’ll take the skimpy bathing suits every time”. I can think of only one reasonable response to that blasphemy. Thank you for at least not claiming that you’re a Christian, like many of your fellow republicans do.


Russell Marcum