Former mayor discusses FEMA projects

By J.D. Charles For Civitas Media

April 13, 2014

Former City of Logan Mayor Tom Esposito has become a familiar face around city hall again in recent months. Esposito has been assisting the city on several projects involving the Federal Emergency Management Agency to deal with the aftermath of a major storm that struck Logan on March 15, 2012.

“That storm was a major one and it caused some 19 separate disaster sites,” Esposito explained. “To date, 11 of those projects have been completed. That leaves eight of them remaining and we are coming close to finishing them.”

One of those projects actually has been completed, but the city is still waiting on getting the federal funding for payment on it, he explained. Five of the remaining projects deal with landslides. The city is working with the federal government to get payment for the contractors who have worked on the projects and to finish up the rest in as timely a manner as possible.

Esposito explained the “laundry list” of challenges and hurdles in terms of paperwork that had to be completed to finish these projects.

Esposito also had an update on the Pine Street-Wilson Camp areas.

“We had a closure on one property on Pine Street,” he said, noting the title to that property is now “free and clear.” Next up will be an asbestos test. Plans are to tear down another house and make a temporary road for the residents who will still live in the area until their properties can be paid for and removed. Esposito said none of this has been either fast or easy explaining that one property had six heirs in ownership, five of whom lived out of state.

“It has been a lot of time and effort and work all out of that one storm,” he added.

Esposito said the Pine Street project was a first one of its kind for FEMA which will use it as a prototype in dealing with other disasters.

In time that part of town will be closed off permanently.

“The approval process to pay for this was quite an experience,” agreed current Mayor Serafino Nolletti. “Tom has helped the city out tremendously on these projects.”