BHCS Junior takes mission trip to South Africa

Karissa Blackburn kblackburn@civitasmedia.com

April 24, 2014

In December, a Beth Haven Christian School Junior was offered the trip of a lifetime: a mission trip to South Africa.

After establishing a relationship and becoming Facebook friends with a missionary from Niger in 2012, Adam Belford, along with his parents Trent and Stephanie Belford, was invited to travel to Ndjamena, Chad to speak at a conference of young Africans. Adam didn’t have the money or the experience, but he quickly got to work.

He began preaching at his home church, Mill Creek Church of God in Chapmanville, weekly where they would take up a special offering for him during the service. Adam was also invited to preach during Chapel at BHCS one week. They also took up a special offering for him. It took a little over a year, but Adam says God provided a way for him.

“When I was 12, I was at a church camp and I was prophesied to that I would be a great profit for the Lord,” says Adam. “About a week later, the same prophecy was given to me from a man I had never met before.”

The Belfords flew out of Charleston on Dec. 16, spent five days preaching the gospel (nine sessions split among the three of them), and arrived back in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 25.

During their short stay in Chad, Adam and his family saw more than 50 people give their lives to Christ.

“They are so on fire for God over there,” says Adam.

Adam says the culture was so different, and it made him realize how blessed his life really is.

“One night, after I had finished preaching, I was with my chaperone at the church where I was preaching. We walked to the pastor’s office, and there was a young, orphan girl with twins living in the church house because she had no where else to go. It’s heartbreaking because there’s not much you can do for them except pray.”

On Monday, April 14, Adam passed his exhumation test and officially became an ordained minister in the Church of God. He plans to continue his ministry as he gets older.

“I hope to go to college at Lee University in Cleveland where I will study Physical Theology with a Ministerial emphasis. I’d like to continue to get a doctorate in divinity and ministry. After that, I’ll just go where God leads me.”

Adam is no stranger to living a life in God’s timing. When he was 13, just months after he received the prophecy that changed his life forever, Adam and his family left his home state of Kansas without knowing where they would go because they were following God’s command.

“We lived in Tn. for a few months before we made it to W. Va. We were just waiting for God to tell us where He needed us. But out first week at Mill Creek COG, we saw 13 people saved!”

Although he wants to follow God’s will, Adam does have dreams for himself.

“I dream of pastoring a multi-cultural, multi-generational church,” says Adam. “My vision for my ministry is to lead people to Christ, but also disciple them to grow closer to Christ. You can’t just be a Christian inside the four walls. I want to disciple my church so they too can go out and win souls for God, and then help those people grow.”

Adam says he knows living life following Christ is not always easy, but Christ’s journey to the cross wans’t easy either.

“He did it for us,” says Adam. “Sometimes you just have to put the grind to the metal and press on.”

Adam enjoyed his trip to Africa, and he plans to return one day soon. He says the coordinators invited them back next year.