Active meth lab found in Christopher

Gwendolyn Holliday Staff Reporter gjoseph@civitasmedia.com

May 1, 2014

HAZARD—Officials with the Perry County Sheriff’s Office have one subject in custody and have evacuated an apartment building in the Christopher community after an anonymous tip led to the discovery of an active meth lab Thursday evening.

According to officials on the scene, an anonymous caller informed the Hazard Police Department (HPD) of an active meth lab in the basement of an apartment in that area, and the HPD contacted the sheriff’s office just before 4 p.m.

The building, allegedly owned by Perry County School District Superintendent Jonathan Jett, has been evacuated after deputies found Freddie Kennedy, III, cooking meth in the basement of the apartment building.

According to Jerry Burns, Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy, when they arrived on the scene, another deputy, Kevin Day attempted to enter the basement. Day stated that he could feel someone pushing on the inside of the door as he attempted to enter.

Deputies forced entry and discovered a substance cooking in a hot plate, a powder substance in a Gatorade bottle and a plastic Folgers coffee can which were all smoking. They also found Kennedy in the basement.

Officials also reported that a backpack was found in the basement which is believed to contain meth precursors. Several burping tubes were also found in the basement.

Kennedy is reported to have active federal warrants for drug trafficking. Officials with the Sherrif’s Office contacted the Kentucky State Police to begin clean-up of the meth lab.

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