Fatal house fire in Mt. Gay area

Karissa Blackburn kblackburn@civitasmedia.com

May 5, 2014

MT. GAY — A fatal house fire claimed the life of 57 -year-old Mary Bryant Sunday morning.

The City of Logan Fire Department dispatched around 6 a.m. in response to a call from S. Joe Alley in the Mt. Gay area. When they arrived on scene, firefighters witnessed Bryant’s neighbors trying to get in the doors.

Although the fire did not present itself with a lot of smoke, it was intense in the middle of the trailer, consuming three entire rooms. It took firefighters 30-45 min. just to calm the fire down enough to find the victim.

“From what I could tell, just by looking around the house, she was either on a cane or a walker,” Logan Fire Chief Scott Beckett said.

Unfortuneately, she didn’t have any smoke detectors to warn her.

“That seems to be the common denominator for most fire related fatalities in this area,” Beckett said. “It really just breaks my heart. I know deaths like this are hard on the families, but they’re hard on the firefighters too. Especially when we know that something like this might have been prevented if proper safety measures were taken.”

Beckett stresses that smoke detectors could be life savers.

“I wish people would pay attention and make sure they have an adequate amount of smoke alarms in their house. It’s not very expensive, and it could give you that small warning that could save your life,” Beckett said

Beckett says that they are not looking at a suspicious cause for this fire. Instead, it seemed more like an accident. Perhaps a cooking fire.

“I’m not saying a smoke alarm would have saved her,” Beckett said, “but I do believe that it would have given her enough of a warning to help.”