Butchered political redistricting

May 8, 2014


Logan County “legislative districts” were recently butchered by political redistricting. The reason is obvious, so that some legislators could win election more easily. The areas taken out were areas those legislators were politically weakest in. Many in Logan objected to this, which I agree, but what about the actions of the Logan County Commission in its redistricting?

Logan County has been divided into 3 districts, all three run from Man to the Chapmanville area. Why has nothing been said about the Districts of Logan County which was established by the Logan County Commission (Danny Ellis was not on the Commission at the time). Three districts run all the way from Man to Chapmanville. Why not have districts as it used to be of Man, Logan, and Chapmanville? Obviously it was because all three of the then present Commissioners were within approximately five miles of each other. Where was the outrage by citizens concerning this?

For example because of this you have Board of Education Members districts reaching all three areas of the county. Presently the Central District has two Board Members they are: Adkins and Frye. Two is the maximum that can be elected from a district. There are 3 Board of Education seats up for election this May.

The West District runs from-Crawley, Holden, Whitman, all the way to Bruno. There are three Board members running for election in this district, with only two Board Members able to win, they are: Mendez, McGrew, and Mutters. One of these will lose, regardless of their vote count! There are three Board members running in this district, and three vacant Board seats. If a voter votes for all three in the West district, one vote will be a wasted vote, or will cancel out, only two can win. It is possible that an individual in the West District could have the 3rd highest votes in the election and still loose.

In the East District, Big Creek, Garrett’s Fork, lake, running all the way to Buffalo Creek there are two candidates, they are: Freeman and White, one of the two has to win. Also it is possible with enough votes both could win.

So thanks to the County Commission for this hodgepodge of political county districts in the County! One excuse I was given was more people in the North of the County! With the population in Logan County down about 33 percent from 1980, who knows, surely there is a better way.

I know the reason -maintaining the status quo! Protecting their County Commission Seats! This sounds just like our legislators, protecting their political seats!

We could just kick out the Blair-Sharples area to Boone County, but wait, we want the Coal Severance from the coal mine, but yet our Board of Education, when I was on the Board, refused to run a small school bus across Blair Mountain for those Children! The same problem exists for the Hart’s area parents who cannot vote for Logan County Board Members! This is why all citizens need to vote and send a message of change or acceptance. If you think your vote doesn’t matter remember the one vote loss for the Logan County Board seat years ago! Vote even if you disagree with me. Every area needs fair representation!

Thanks for Listening and God Bless!

Moss Burgess