Man arrested after stealing $30,000 of copper wire

Karissa Blackburn kblackburn@civitasmedia.com

May 9, 2014

Clifford Clay Caldwell, 29 of Madison Creek, was arrested on April 24 by the West Virginia State Police for the charges of grand larceny, disruption of communications and utility services and destruction of property.

On April 17, Trooper Stowers was dispatched by Logan 911 to a suspicious ATV on the side of the railroad tracks in the community of Neibert.

Upon arrival to the scene, Stowers made contact with a CSX worker, James Overby, who advised him that an ATV was on the side of the railroad tracks and was attached to a wire. Stowers found the ATV and witnessed several copper wires to be cut down from poles over the tracks. He also saw wires, wire cutters and miscellaneous pole climbing gear on the ATV.

Overby advised Stowers that the wires were signal transmission line wire and that approximately 3,600 ft. had been cut from the poles. Stowers searched for the copper wire and allegedly found nearly 3,000 ft of it. Overby advised Stowers that the extent of the damage was valued to be around $30,000.

Stowers spoke with a witness who lives across the river in Madison creek. The witness claims he saw Caldwell placing the wire on the ATV earlier in the day, and that Caldwell had spoken to him and admitted stealing the copper wire.

Caldwell later admitted to Stowers that the ATV was his mother’s.

His bail is set for $7,500.

  • Jason M. Young, 33 of Whitman, was arrested on May 3 by the Logan County Sheriff Department for 12 counts of harvesting marijuana.

After receiving several complaints of drug activity at Young’s residence, Deputy Nick Tucker arrived at Young’s residence, knocked on his door and advised him that he had received anonymous tips of drug activity at his residence.

Tucker claims in the criminal complaint that he could smell marijuana emitting from the residence as he stood talking at the front door.

After requesting consent to search the residence, Young gave written and verbal consent to search. He then advised Tucker, before he entered the residence, that he was growing marijuana plants in a spare bedroom and bathroom.

Deputies Tucker and Nick Booth entered the residence and found 12 marijuana plants, 10 in the bedroom and two in the bathroom. They also found a five-gallon bucket half-full of marijuana and two hydroponic grow lamps (commonly used for growing marijuana) in the house.

The total value of the marijuana found in Young’s house is estimated to be around $30,000.

Young’s bail is set for $15,000.

  • Dashawn Jamel Brown, 20 of Mallory, and Rashawn S. Habari, 36 of Sidney, Ohio, were both arrested on May 2 by the WVSP after they conducted an operation commonly known as Knock and Talk, in reference to an anonymous drug tip.

Brown was arrested under the charges of conspiracy, possession of a controlled substance, obstructing an officer and prohibited drug possession; Habari under the charges of conspiracy, possession of a controlled substance, and obstructing an officer.

While the officers spoke to a female that answered the door, they heard a loud commotion from inside the apartment. They entered and found Brown in a bedroom attempting to hide items and Habari in a bathroom attempting to flush items down the toilet.

The officers placed both men in custody.

The officers discovered a small foil bag in Brown’s front, right pocket containing a green, leafy substance (believed to be synthetic marijuana). A further search of the bedroom revealed another foil bag containing the same leafy substance, three smoking devices with residue on them and 18 round, white pills (identified as Methocarbamol 500 mg) lying on the table in a glass bowl. The pills are not a controlled substance, but a prescription is required for possession.

In the bathroom where Habari was located, the officers discovered a small plastic bag containing a green leafy substance (believed to be marijuana) in the toilet.

Brown’s bail is set for $2,500, and Habari’s bail is set for $10,000.