VA healthcare debacle

June 8, 2014


The way the Veterans Administration and this administration is treating our veterans is criminal. Denied coverage, delayed appointments and some deaths due to the way the VA operates is ludicrous.

The brave men and women that volunteered to serve, protect and often die for this country have been and are still being treated worse than the terrorist that are jailed at Guantanamo Bay. The VA appears to be corrupt from the top down. Talk to some veterans and they will tell you how great they have been treated.

However it is estimated that 30 to 40 of the VA hospitals routinely use “secret lists” to hide the real wait times for thousands of veterans. This problem runs deep. There are several things that would put a stop of this problematic healthcare system ran amuck.

One way to cleanse the system is for the entire VA must be cleaned up by prosecuting the purported criminals that are responsible for altering government records and causing the deaths of our veterans. Another way is to eliminate the VA and simplify the method of determining coverage, scheduling appointments and treatments as required.

Maybe the best solution would be to make every member of congress, both the House and the Senate, use the same healthcare that our veterans are supposed to have.

The blame for this debacle runs deep. Try to imagine how the families of these mistreated veterans feel. History shows West Virginia — and Logan County specifically — has sent record numbers to war with the supreme sacrifice being paid.

Noel Richardson