Miller returns to Logan PD

By J.D. Charles For Civitas Media

June 12, 2014

LOGAN — A familiar face will be seen around Logan City Hall again as a former police officer returns to work in town.

The Logan City Council approved the rehiring of former Logan Police Department Patrolman Jacob Miller. Police Chief E.K. Harper said that the recent departure of Patrolman Mark Dickerson left an opening in his agency and that he recommended hiring Miller back. Harper pointed out that Miller was already trained and certified and had passed civil service testing.

“If we hire him back that will save us some time and testing,” Harper said, adding, “I would also recommend him because he is a fine man. “

Miller worked for a long time for the City of Logan Police Department as a patrolman before switching agencies and taking a job as a Deputy with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department. He was sworn in again on Tuesday night at the end of the council meeting.

“It is an honor to have him back,” Chief Harper said.

Harper told the City Council that the recent parking problem the city has faced seems to have improved a bit. For the past two months the city has been up in arms, primarily due to employees who work at the new $10 million dollar welfare building on Main Street who had refused to park in their allotted parking and were taking up much of the available parking on the street in town, much to the chagrin of downtown visitors and businesses.

Two months ago the city police department began cracking down on street parking by shortening the time on meters and ticketing strictly. The city also made more parking available at the lot where the old Aracoma hotel used to be. The lot has made a major improvement in parking albeit there have been some problems with people parking in ways that block access to it as well as people who tend to park very far apart.

In other city news, Street Department Commissioner Kevin Marcum said repairs have been made on the retaining wall on Chestnut Street and that repairs are scheduled to begin on Lorraine Street soon.

“We have also been busy patching streets and cutting weeds this spring,” Marcum said, noting that the town ‘got hit hard’ by a severe rainstorm on May 13. “We met with the Department of Environmental Protection about and abandoned mine that had washed out.”