Democrat party in W.Va.

June 15, 2014


The Democrat party in West Virginia is quickly dying. Their continued support of Obama’s war on coal is going to cost them in the next election. Of course, whenever Obama pulls one of his many anti-American stunts, West Virginia Democrats will jump on stage and speak their opposition. But, none of them have been disgusted enough with their President to DO anything other than talk. None of them have been disgusted enough with their leader to switch their political allegiances have they? It’s because by in large they either agree with his policies or they are cowards.

A man of honor will not only declare his opposition to an ideology, he will also take definitive steps to defeat it; case in point, Ronald Regan. When Ronald Regan began to see that the national platform and ideologies of the Democrat Party had become more Marxist than American, he changed parties. Regan stated it plainly, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, it left me”. Thankfully, many West Virginians have finally concluded the same. The name Democrat doesn’t mean what it did forty years ago. Today the Democrat ideology is rooted in the basic beliefs of Socialism, Communism and Marxism.

Today’s Democrats do not support capitalism as our form of economy like John Kennedy did. They support the “managed economy” ideas of taking from the producers for the sole purpose of using those tax dollars to enrich and enlarge a Federal Government which promises to be all things for all people. In truth, they use our own money against us. They take our taxes and kill unborn children. They use it in welfare programs to buy the votes of the lazy and shiftless. They use it to pay Marxist college professors to indoctrinate our children into believing that America is the problem our world. They are using our money to destroy our very way of life and we sit by and let it happen because we refuse to believe that the Democrat Party has become the home of evil. But it has.

On immigration, Obama openly declared that he believes the future of our country rests in the success of the illegal immigrant children the Democrats are busing in from Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. What about my children? What about your children? Why would Obama say such a thing? It is because he and the Democrat Party know that once they get these illegal kids into our country, they can put them on every form of assistance possible. They will no doubt even come up with a new program just for them. From this program and others they will groom these children, with your tax dollars, to become loyal registered Democrat voters. Isn’t that what they already do with the dependent class? Show me a “poor” person who ever voted Republican. You know why they don’t? Because the conservative answer to unemployment involves work, not going to the post office to get your check!

Democrat politicians will do their very best to convince us they are NOT supporters of Obama. Yet, they remain Democrats and they never take decisive steps to defeat him. Need I remind you that not a single Democrat leader in this State openly opposed Obama in the last election? When our Governor and our US Senators had a golden opportunity to openly declare their support of Mitt Romney, they shrank under the pressure of being loyal to the Party. That worked well for us didn’t it!

Politics is a team sport. The President and his closest advisors determine the platform of ideas and policies by which the whole team must play. To be on the team, you must unite behind the Party platform, or you will be on the bench. Politically, this means you don’t get any of the Party’s funds for your campaigns, or you don’t get to be on any important committees in Congress. So, what do “loyal Democrats” do? They go along to get along. They shut up, sit down, and don’t make waves within the Party. Because the two most important things to a career politician is having power and being reelected. Therefore, rather than risk being rejected by the Party, they behave as good lap dogs and do as Mr. Obama orders them to do.

Here are just a few of Obama and the Democrat Party’s achievements in just six short years. They’ve overturned legal elections concerning same sex marriage. They’ve allowed our veterans to go for months without being given a doctor’s visit at a VA hospital. They’ve watched terrorists kill a US Ambassador on a live video feed without lifting a finger to help and then attempted to cover it up with a lie. They’ve borrowed more money from China than all of the other Presidents before Obama combined. They’ve agreed to pay people with our tax dollars to sit at home for two years. They have used the IRS to persecute opposition groups like the Tea Party. They’ve sold illegal firearms to drug dealers in Mexico in an attempt to convince Americans that our gun laws are the source of the violence in other countries. They’ve allowed hundreds of American soldiers to die fighting for the freedom of countries like Iraq and Afghanistan only to turn their back on them and allow the terrorists to march in and take over. They have agreed as one to force our children to attend public schools even in the face of overwhelming evidence that school vouchers make better schools. They released the top five terrorists in the world in exchange for an Army defector. They refuse to allow us to mine our own coal.

This is your Democrat Party West Virginia. Will you continue to remain loyal to the name? Or will you stand up and take the step like Ronald Regan did so many years ago and say, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, it left me”!

Gary Lee Corns