Kids participate in ‘Fit Camp’

Karissa Blackburn kblackburn@civitasmedia.com

June 26, 2014

CHIEF LOGAN STATE PARK — More than 20 kids packed the courts and pool at the Chief Logan Rec Center for the Fit Kids Mini Camp that began Monday. During the camp, the kids were treated to lessons in tennis, soccer, basketball and swimming by volunteer coaches.

“The main thing is to show kids that fitness can be fun,” Chief Logan Rec Center Executive Director Terry Mullins said. “We’re trying to just get them to move and to find something that they will really like. It’s all indoors right now and Timmy will probably take them out on the soccer field. We’re just wanting to get them to move. We’ve got a really good turnout. I think it helped that we offered it free to the public. With the economy the way it is, it’s the least we can do. We did get some contributions to help us. We are furnishing water and I am getting snacks for them.”

Mullins praised the work of the volunteer coaches for giving their time to help get the kids healthy.

“We are so appreciative of all our volunteers who are helping with the camp on their own time,” Mullins said.

Those volunteers include Zack and Haley Hatfield coaching tennis, Timmy Ball coaching soccer, and Amanda Mullins and Jacob Boggs coaching basketball. All of the participants went to swim at the end of each day

“We’ve got a lot of our swim team who are participating in the fit camp and they are going to help the other kids with their strokes,” Mullins said.

Ball said letting the kids swim serves two purposes — it gets the kids active in the water and gets them interested in possibly joining the Chief Logan Rec Center Stingrays Swim Team.

“We’re going to have the Rec Center swim team that is going to be here practicing,” Ball said. “We’re going to take the little ones in there and let them play in the water while the swim team is practicing with the hopes of building the program up and we want them to see that swimming is a really great sport. We’re hoping to get these kids involved in the swim team so that we can eventually start swim teams in the high schools. The main goal of the swim team is to get every kid in this area swimming, because it is the best sport as far as health and fitness. The obesity rate is outrageous in this area and we know if we can get the kids in the water, it will get them healthy and get them in shape. The kids need something to get them healthy and every kid loves to play in the pool.”

Ball said he loves the Chief Logan Rec Center and what it offers the community.

“I volunteer at the Rec Center because I believe in the Rec Center,” he said. “I believe in everything it stands for. Everyone in this area — kids, adults and all — need a place where they can come to be active, stay fit and be safe and this is the perfect location for it. It’s a great facility. It’s clean. It’s well-ran. The staff is so friendly and helpful. All the equipment is well-maintained and is state-of-the-art. Rain or shine, the kids can come here and play tennis and basketball and they can swim. It’s a great facility.”

The last day of fit camp is today. The team of coordinators and volunteers hopes that the kids had a fun time participating in the activities.

“We hope this will give kids a chance to learn new ways to get fit while having fun,” Mullins said.