We are trees

By Victoria Ball-Perry Fruit of the Vine

July 8, 2014

I would like to share this poem with you. I know it is not my usual column but there is a story behind this poem. In my very first publication of “Fruit of the Vine,” I talked about how we are compared to trees in God’s word. This poem is what brought that column into fruition. It is also what inspired me to write again and it even inspired the title of my column. My dream to be a writer has been awakened after many years of dormancy and I really want to share another aspect of my writing with you.

We Are Trees

Where do I go from here my Lord and God?

I want to be toiled - not just worthless sod.

Use me Lord to be your hands and your feet.

I long for You - I seek Your Mercy Seat.

- - - -

You are my Kind and my Royal High Priest.

I want to see You at the Marriage Feast.

It’s not the gold streets; diamonds will not do!

There’s nothing in Heaven I want but You!

- - - -

In Your Word we are equated with trees.

Fruitful is what we’re instructed to be.

Prune me, shape me, so that I fit Your mold.

Try me in fire until I shine like gold.

- - - -

I desire my branches to reach the sky;

To be close to You; where Your eagles fly;

Strong and solid for Your squirrels to nest;

Shaded and peaceful for Your birds to rest.

- - - -

I will clap my hands to offer You praise;

Like the leaves of the field pass all their days.

May my leaves be green in the summertime.

May my autumn hues dazzle in their prime.

- - - -

May I ever recall You’re the True Vine.

I am but a branch, we are intertwined.

Use me and guide me and make me Your own.

Until You declare Heaven as my home.