Where is the compromise?

July 12, 2014


July 7, 2014 marked a new horizon for the State of West Virginia and one I pray is filled with hope and opportunity for our citizens of the Mountain State. For the first time in 82 years, the number of registered Democrat voters has dropped below fifty percent. Yes, as I predicted just a few weeks ago, West Virginians are fed up with the weak, liberal leadership we’ve been provided from the Democrats we’ve elected. The sad truth is they have no one to blame but themselves. Rather than take a stand for what is right, decent and honorable, our Democrat leadership have repeatedly chosen to be Barrack’s Boys by supporting every pitiful idea Obama has come up with.

The West Virginia heads of the Democrat Party have wholeheartedly supported the Obama agenda. But they try to tell us otherwise. Should we believe them? For me, I ignore their fair sounding speeches and I instead grade them on their actions. By their actions, they have either voted for the Obama agenda or they have allowed it to move forward without any opposition. Either act is equally damaging.

Obama’s latest rant is that the Republicans have Washington in gridlock. He claims they are actively preventing him from making things better for us because of their refusal to compromise. Of course, Joe Manchin, Nick Rahall and Rockefeller agree. They furrow their brow and wring their hands and lament about how awful it is to work with what they call Tea Party Republican obstructionists. But, think this through a bit with me. Is compromise ALWAYS a good idea?

Let’s suppose someone is demanding for your consent to do something that you know will ultimately be damaging? Do you compromise? If a crack head breaks into your home wielding a gun and grabs your daughter and says, “I’m going to rape and murder this girl”. Do you compromise and say, “How about you just rape her and forget about the murder?” Not if you were raised by Bernard Corns! You split his skull open with an ax and hope the blood doesn’t stain your wife’s carpet! I know this might be graphic, but I use this extreme illustration to debunk the notion that compromise is the answer. No, the answer is to do what is right.

The Democrats have promoted and continue to promote things that are extremely damaging to the continuation of our great country. Currently, they are screaming for immigration reform. The Tea Party Republicans in the House have refused to take it up until we first secure our boarders. The Democrats say we need new laws. The Tea Party says we need a wall … first. Where is the room for compromise?

The Democrats want more studies, more rules, and more oversight to fix the problem with the Veterans Administration hospitals. And of course, they always want more tax money to fix the problem. The Tea Party solution is to eliminate VA hospitals altogether. Simply give every Veteran who has ever served honorably a health card that entitles him to free medical care at any facility in these United States. Problem solved. The vet can go to any hospital he chooses instead of waiting on lazy government bureaucrats to figure out what race he is and where that puts him in line! So I ask you, should the Tea Party compromise and agree with the Democrat plan for fixing the VA system or should they oppose it on every hand? I say fight it.

Eight two years is a long time to endure Democrat rule and thankfully it is coming to an end. Perhaps we can finally begin electing Tea Party conservatives who aren’t looking for a career in politics or their name up in lights. There are still lots of folks among us who want to leave a better America for our kids than the one we were born into and we refuse to compromise with idiots who want to do otherwise.

Gary Lee Corns