Logan Lions Club inducts new member

By J.D. Charles For Civitas Media

August 15, 2014

The Lions Club of Logan suffered a major blow this past winter when longtime club stalwart the legendary Odis Ratcliff, a home-town hero par-excellence, passed away. For most members, Ratcliff was the heart and soul of the Lions Cub of Logan, known for his activism, volunteer work and dedication to Lionism in all its forms. Even though he was in his 90s, age and the infirmities of time did not keep Lion Odis as he was known to all his friends, from being one of the most active and dedicated members of all.

In addition to volunteering for all the club’s major activities, there were several Lions projects Lion Odis headed up personally, including Broom Sales and the annual Christmas Fruitcake projects.

“He is gone and we all miss him, but the club will continue and many of us will have to take up the slack… You cannot fill the shoes of a man like Odis, but you can step in and lend a helping hand where it’s needed,” one of his many friends noted during the August Lions meeting.

Jerry Samson was inducted into the Lions Club of Logan on Tues., Aug. 5, by longtime Lions Club member and past president Ken Nunley.

Nunley explained the meaning of and traditions that go with Lionism.

“You are joining a club with over 70 years of service in Logan County,” Nunley told Samson. “We are part of an organization that has over one million members worldwide.”

“Jerry is our newest member and we are happy to have him aboard. Many of us have known Jerry for a long time and we know he will be a great addition to the Lions tradition,” Nunley said. “His first activity will be helping us with disposing of some of these duck race tickets.”

Lion Tom Aguirre, the club’s treasurer, had some good news for the club. The annual Lions Club Rubber Ducky Race has brought in $1,350 in ticket money.

“This means we are in the clear and have enough to pay out the grand prize and make some extra to help the club,” Aguirre said.

Lions Club Secretary Kathy Guy said that Logan County Administrator Rocky Adkins will be special guest speaker for the next meeting on Aug. 19. The Lions Club District Governor will be coming to visit on Sept. 2.

Lions Club past president Chuck Puckett was honored recently for his four years of service to the Logan Lions Club. Pucketts’ father, the esteemed late Charles Puckett, was also a Lions Club president and very active member.

The Lions also had a day at the ball park with the WV Power where 12 club members and friends got out to the ball game and had a great time.