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Veterans Day ceremony


On behalf of the American Legion and the Sons of the American Legion Post 19 of Logan, the American Legion Post 103 of Chapmanville, the DAV Post 39 of Harts, the VFW Post 6153 of Chapmanville and the Marine Corps League Detachment 577 of Logan, we would like to thank everyone for attending the Veteran’s Day ceremony at the Doughboy Monument on Midelburg Island in Logan.

A very special thank you to Hanna Maynard for the Pledge of Allegiance, Linda Gore for the beautiful singing of the National Anthem and Sam Murray for playing Taps.

We would also like to thank Logan Mayor Serafino Nolletti and State Senator Art Kirkendoll for speaking and the Kiwanis Club for their great meal.

Again, thank you,

Charles Stone

5th Dist. of W.Va. Service Officer

Larry Goff

Commander of American Legion Post 19

Larry Reeves

Post Adjutant of American Legion Post 19


Man Veteran’s Memorial


Veteran’s Day is coming up and the beautiful memorial we had in the Town of Man is destroyed. It started as a dream my brother had to pay homage to those who served our Country, not just for Vietnam, but for every soldier who risks everyday of their lives to keep us safe.

I can still remember that very cold Veteran’s Day that we dedicated it for everyone to enjoy and not only for the Town of Man, but for all of the people coming in from out of the state for the Hatfield-McCoy Trails.

I don’t know how anyone could destroy something so beautiful and that means so much. When I stood on that very cold morning and watched as tears ran down my brothers face showed me what war does to families and the ones who served for this country. I am proud of what he accomplished and all the donations and hard work that was put into it.

We should be proud to be an American and live in a free country and make our own choices. All of us — as a town and community — please take care of something we could be proud of.

I love the USA and all soldiers.

Theresa Workman



Moral revolution needed


America needs a revolution; but not the kind we normally think of. What we need is a moral revolution. All across this once great nation, millions line up every day for a handout. They greedily stand in line to get free cell phones, free housing, free cars, free food and now free healthcare. The problem is; none of it is free.

Amazingly, many of these individuals will gather in the streets to protest against the corporate greed in America, yet they are blind to their own greed of wanting free stuff from the government. How are the two different? They aren’t. Morally, there is no difference in asking the government for free healthcare than there is in asking them for a corporate tax break. Only the dollars involved make them different. The greed is the same.

In reality, the government dole will destroy us much more quickly than government’s back door dealings with big businesses. It is death by a thousand cuts. When millions and millions of people consider themselves to be entitled to free benefits, and are willing to lie to get them, the end is in sight. Their greedy actions are like cutting a giant with millions of small razor cuts all over his body. Very quickly he will bleed out and die.

Look around your neighborhood. How many people do you know who have lied to get disability or SSI or food stamps? How many are on workers compensation, yet they are well enough to roof a house? How many use the most minor of ailments to make a claim for assistance? Each one of those is a small cut into the economic soul of America and soon she will die. Now multiply your neighborhood by ten thousand and you might begin to see how devastating this greed has become in our nation. Yet, this doesn’t compare to the devastation greed has on America’s families.

American fathers once prided themselves on being independent, hard working and loyal. If they did nothing else, they provided for their families. Today, sadly half of them walk away and leave their families fatherless. Often their reason for leaving is based purely in selfish greed. They want something different for themselves and are willing to extract the price from the lives of those they once pledged to love, protect and lead. I call them cowards.

Other men see a government check as their ticket to retirement. They easily lie or falsify documents in order to “qualify” for one. Do you think God is not watching? Do you think going to Sunday school and church will nullify the corruption and greed in your heart? If this is you, then repentance is the order of the day, not church attendance!

The generation that fought World War II saw their mission in life to be one of duty, sacrifice and hard work. They built a nation like no other only to see their children waste it with our dishonorable ways. They sought to give us a better life than they knew and they succeeded. Our problem is we have consumed it with selfishness and greed. Yes, greed is killing us. But, it isn’t corporate greed. It’s the greed and selfishness that lives in our hearts.

As I said, I’m in favor of a revolution, but not a military one. First let there be a revolution of our hearts to repent of our selfishness and greed. A revolution of commitment to those we say we love. A revolution to BE a Christian nation instead of just saying we are. Let the revolution begin … in me.

Gary Lee Corns


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