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Senator Joe Manchin is at it again. His poll numbers here in West Virginia must be falling, because he was on Fox News again this week. Whenever Hollywood Joe finds himself in trouble back home, he runs over to get his face on Fox. I guess he hopes we will believe he really is a conservative instead of an absolute Obama lackey. I suggest we take a short walk and review recent history with Hollywood Joe. Let’s look at his actions and not his words. Then let’s form our opinion accordingly.

In the early fall, the Tea Party in the US House and Senate began screaming out to the American people that Obamacare was a train wreck. They held numerous public meetings, gave speeches on the floor of both houses of Congress and Ted Cruze even did a historically long filibuster in an attempt to alert everyone to the disaster that was ahead. They asked questions like, “Why are companies who supported Obama’s reelection being given an additional year to comply with the new healthcare rules, while everyone else is required to comply now?” and “Why are all the big unions being given waivers for complying with Obamacare when small businesses aren’t?”. (Cue Democrat crickets here!)

The final offer made by the Tea Party Republicans was this, “We will fully fund every part of the President’s budget, if you Democrats will agree to postpone Obamacare for one year”. But, Joe Manchin and his Obama allies said NO. They would rather see the whole US Government shut down than to go against Obama. So, when it was put to a vote, Joe voted with the President and shut the government down by not accepting the Tea Party offer. Of course, the media turned this around completely and made it appear that it was the Tea Party who shut down government, but now you know the facts. The choice was theirs. Joe Manchin and his fellow Democrats in the Senate decided they would rather see America suffer than for Obamacare to be put on hold long enough to be fixed.

Now, Obamacare is on course to become the greatest self inflicted economic disaster in American history. Untold millions of Americans are in an uproar as they begin finding out that their healthcare is being canceled. Obamacare is not the train wreck the Tea Party tried to warn us about, its worse! So, what does Hollywood Joe do, he runs over to Fox News and begins talking about how he is trying to find a bi-partisan fix to the problem. Hey Joe … you’ve had numerous chances to be a man and stand up to this incompetent know it all Obama. But, you have chosen the cowards path every time.

When you knew this man had vowed to destroy coal mining and our way of life in West Virginia, instead of standing up against him in the last election, you supported him. When you had the chance to stop Obamacare from destroying our medical system, you voted with Obama instead. Now this week you cast your vote to give Obama the ability to appoint judges without any opposition in the Senate.

For two hundred and fifty years we’ve had a balance of power that required two-thirds majority approval for the President to appoint federal judges. But Joe, Harry Reid and Obama believe Obama should be able to have whomever he wants without anyone asking any questions. So, today, once again, Hollywood Joe voted with Obama and against the people of West Virginia.

Joe, I truly wish you were half the man you try and portray yourself to be. However, when we look at the facts, you are just another empty suit; a man whose political ambitions separate him from all semblance of integrity. Give it up Joe. You really are a loser and I can only pray the people of West Virginia will let you experience that reality next election.

Gary Lee Corns


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