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OMAR - Omar Elementary School hosted a Community Math Night on April 15, part of a larger effort by The Education Alliance to promote math and so-called STEM careers.

HUNTINGTON - Continued losses in West Virginia's population heading into the 2020 census threaten one of the state's seats in Congress and could cut into the nearly $7 billion in federal funding the state now receives each year.

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HUNTINGTON - Marshall University has released its graduation list for July-December 2018.

During that time, the university awarded degrees to more than 1,200 students. Students who requested their names not be published are excluded from the list. Students' hometowns are listed as provided by the students.

HUNTINGTON - It is no surprise that football coaches love Saturdays in the fall.

It's what Marshall University head coach Doc Holliday has lived for in his 40-plus years of coaching. However, everyone might not realize Holliday is just as passionate about Saturdays in the spring.


While Baltimore's Archbishop Lori and the Catholic Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston (DWC) invoke "transparency" and "accountability" regularly regarding clerical sex abuse, they struggle to put them into action. Disconnects between Lori and DWC higher-ups versus our secular authorities and West Virginia Catholics seem almost insurmountable, as Catholic leaders continue evading actual transparency, accountability, and too many significant questions.

On the surface, it appears that help may be on the way for West Virginia and other states where a sizable portion of the population does not have access to high-speed internet. After all, the federal government has a $4.5 billion grant program intended to expand wireless internet in rural areas, and the Trump administration announced earlier this week that it intended to spend $20 billion over the next decade for the same purpose.