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HD Media is running submitted questionnaires from candidates in the 2020 elections.

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We are working with all candidates in contested races to get their questionnaires included on our website. (If a candidate has no opposition in the primary election, then they will receive a questionnaire after the primary ends.)

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NAME: Austin Workman

CANDIDATE FOR: Logan County Board of Education

PARTY: Nonpartisan race


HOME CITY: Chapmanville

HOME COUNTY: Logan County

AGE: 22

EDUCATION: High School diploma Chapmanville Regional High School, Associate degree in criminology, Associate degree in criminal investigation/law enforcement, Ford Motor Company Service Advisor/Manager master certification, and still furthering education for a bachelor’s in criminology.

CURRENT OCCUPATION: Lead Service Advisor – Thornhill Ford

OTHER WORK HISTORY: Assistant Manager - Fountain Place Cinema 8, and Correctional Officer – Southwestern Regional Jail


FAMILY: Parents, Virginia and Donald Fowler; brother, Izaac Fowler; fiancé, Haleigh Vance

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I believe that as a board member you should be aware of the current issues in our school system and that is why I am asking for your vote. I recently graduated from Chapmanville Regional High School and have gained knowledge of some of the current issues our teachers, students, and staff are facing. I believe that our students deserve the best education that our fine state has to offer. As your board member I promise to do the best of my ability to give the school system my undivided attention and give an effort of 110% to make sure every student is treated fairly.

1. What should be your role be as a member of the Board of Education?

As a member of the board of education your role should be finding solutions to problems whether it be making sure our students get the correct material that is needed to succeed in life or creating a budget that works each year. I believe a successful Board Member is one who listens and evaluates each problem to find a proper solution.

2. How would you address the dropout issue?

We must educate our students on the opportunities that are available throughout our area, whether it be the medical field, military, trade school, or straight out into the work force. Our students have given up and feel as if there is nowhere for them to turn, we must provide them with the right reasons to stay and finish high school and receive a diploma.

3. How would you encourage more parental involvement?

To get parents involved we must start by encouraging them to be a part of the education process. When I was a student, I strived to make my parents proud of me, that was because they were involved in my life, our students need their parents involved but we must make an effort as a board to encourage it.

4. How would you encourage rigor of the curriculum to benefit students?

I would like our teachers to have more control of their classrooms, our students do not learn any knowledge what so ever by going straight by the book. Our teachers need to be able to teach, it’s time that they have more freedom to teach the lessons they think our students need to know before they set off into the real world.

5. What would you do to improve student achievement?

To improve student achievement in our school system we must push our students to follow their dreams whether it be a trade school or college. Our students need to be able to choose what type of education they want because it’s their life, we can only guide them in the right direction and be there for support.

6. What do you think schools should be doing to prevent drug prevention?

I believe there should be a zero tolerance for drugs in our school system. Look at Logan county and the rest of the state, the drug epidemic has wiped out a good amount of our population, if we see drugs in our school system or have a good feeling drugs are involved with a student, we must get them help immediately.

7. Do you think schools should do more to prepare students to succeed in community college and apprenticeships, etc.?

I believe our school system should push all aspects of education not just the medical field and coal mining. Not every student has a passion to work in the mines or the medical field. We must let our students decide their future by furthering their education in something they have a passion for whether it be college or the work force.