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NAME: Diana Barnette

CANDIDATE FOR: Logan County Commission

PARTY: Republican



AGE: 58

EDUCATION: Logan High School, SWVCTC Associates Degree.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Owner - Mining Repair Specialists, Inc., Fountain Place Cinema 8, Holy Smoke Coal, Appalachian Outpost, Gatti's Pizza.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Logan Kiwanis, Logan Woman's Club, WeCan, Logan County Chamber of Commerce Treasurer, Hatfield-McCoy CVB Treasurer, WV Hospitality and Travel Assoc.

FAMILY: Husband, Ronald; sons, Ronald Jr. and Adam Barnette; daughter, Leah Vance; grandchildren, Hunter and Blake Barnette, Neariah Bazzilla, Aksel Williams.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: My passion and pride for Logan County is enormous. I am looking forward to a brighter future for our small town. Rising tides raise all ships!!

1. How would you implement better county planning?

By examining previous plans and implementing timelines with regular committee meetings. Increased communication and transparency with the general public.

2. How would you encourage economic development in the county?

Aggressively seeking out opportunities throught Federal and State agencies. Applying for any and all incentives for new businesses. Persistence!!

3. What more needs to be done about dilapidated housing in the county?

Implimentation of current laws and accountability for property owners. Increase communication with property owners and their neighbors.

4. What are the three most pressing problems the county faces?

Drug Addiction, economic development and education.

5. What needs to be done about litter control in the county?

Hold people accountable by requiring community service when cited for litter or unlawful dumping. Utilize our regional jail inmates. Provide public dumpsters.

6. How do you plan on continuing to maintain a balanced budget?

I don't. My goal is to have a surplus. With my experience in business and accounting, I plan to examine every expense and cut waste. In addition, by increasing economic development and bringing in new businesses, our tax base will increase, providing Logan County with additional funds.

7. How can the county commission help improve broadband access in Logan County?

Increased communication and by working with our state and federal leaders.

8. What more can be done to transform Logan County into a tourism destination?

Identify entreprenuers and combine county and private investors to work together and build new attractions, both large and small. Work with SBA and other goverment agencies to provide trainings and other programs. Implement a county wide plan that encompasses the whole county. It's all about vision!