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HD Media is running submitted questionnaires from candidates in the 2020 elections.

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NAME: Chris Trent

CANDIDATE FOR: Logan County Sheriff

PARTY: Republican




AGE: 30

EDUCATION: BA General Studies, Concentration in Psychology.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Victim Services Coordinator, Logan County Sheriff’s Department.

OTHER WORK HISTORY: United States Postal Service, Logan County Commission.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: PIECES Coalition, Logan Library Board of Directors, Shriner.

ENDORSEMENTS: West Virginia Sheriff’s Association.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I want Logan County to be the best place to work, live, and raise a family. I want our seniors and children to be safe from predators and those who would do them harm. I want the job of Sheriff; I don’t care about the title. Logan Countians are as independent minded as they've ever been, and we have some good elected officials. Now isn't the time to elect those who want the payday, but none of the work. We need someone who loves Logan County and wants to make it the best it can be!

1. How would you collaborate with other jurisdictions of the county to alleviate the problems of crime and violence countywide?

Communication between the cities/towns and the county is essential is knowing what each agency needs and how best to protect the people of Logan County. Resources must go where they are needed, including the outlying areas of the county that could always use more police presence. Manpower is limited, but we can make this work!

2. What procedures do you believe could be improved in the handling of domestic violence and child abuse cases?

Services that don’t end with the call are needed to take care of victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Coordination with the DHHR, Logan Child Advocacy Center, Tug Valley Recovery Shelter, and other partners is a must if we want to see these victims heal and recover. Many times, victims aren’t aware of all the resources offered.

3. What would you do to combat drug problems in the county?

I think we need a two front approach to handle this problem. First, we need harsh punishment to the out of state drug dealers that are coming here to poison our people. Second, we need long-term rehab for our citizens to get clean. We need to expand drug-court and other programs that are currently working!

4. Would you increase the size of the law-enforcement force?

Yes, I would absolutely try and increase the size of the Sheriff’s Department. The County Commission sets the budget for every county office, but I would approach them about adding sworn officers. I would also make it a priority to give the current deputies a raise. They work very hard, and I think they should make more money for the job they do!

5. What are the three most pressing issues for the sheriff’s department?

In my opinion, the three most pressing issues for the Sheriff’s Department are the drug epidemic, manpower, and funding. The drug epidemic is being fought every day, adding manpower and rehabilitation will help! Funding continues to be an issue for every office, but we must find adequate funding for our officers that protect us every single day.

6. What is the most pressing concern and solution for tax collections?

It is 2020, we must find a way for people to pay their taxes online or over the phone. It is my understanding that Sheriff Porter is currently working on that. Allowing taxes to be paid with a debit card is also long past due. Also, we need to find innovative ways to help people with their tax bill.