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HD Media is running submitted questionnaires from candidates in the 2020 elections.

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NAME: Windell Hunter

CANDIDATE FOR: Logan County Sheriff

PARTY: Republican


HOME CITY: Verdunville


AGE: 45

EDUCATION: High School Graduate

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: United States Postal Service Contractor, Fire Chief at Verdunville Fire Department.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Managed a Non-profit organization for the last 10 years.

FAMILY: wife, Elissia Shawn Hunter (Ellis); daughter, Katelyn Hunter; son, Grayson Hunter.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: Im just the average Joe. I may not be endorsed by anyone and that’s okay. But, what I do have is HEART! I care about Logan County! I have been a public servant in Logan County for the past 26 years. My goal is to bring my emergency service experience to the people. I have training in national incident management systems, hazmat and meth lab response, as well as emergency highway response training. I may not have immediate law enforcement experience, but I do know what the public needs. An efficient law enforcement team to better serve Logan County.

1. How would you collaborate with other jurisdictions of the county to alleviate the problems of crime and violence countywide?

With my experience working in the fire service, we use mutual aid agreements with neighboring departments. We also train together, so that we are all on the same page when it comes time for working on a call. I will implement the same principles by working with other law enforcement agencies within the county to help on these issues.

2. What procedures do you believe could be improved in the handling of domestic violence and child abuse cases?

Establish non recorded hotline for domestic violence and child abuse that would help victims feel safe enough to reach out for help. We also need to follow up on child abuse cases more to make sure the child doesn’t fall through the cracks. Also, DVP orders need to have more consequences when they are violated.

3. What would you do to combat drug problems in the county?

Although we would have to find the funding, Logan County needs a long-term Rehab center. Also, we need to educate the public to make better informed decisions. Further, to get the community involved, we could also establish a non recorded anonymous tip line for drug activity. This would help out the drug epidemic from its source.

4. Would you increase the size of the law-enforcement force?

Absolutely! As with any agency, the more members you have, the better the team! If we had more officers, it would make it more easier to arrange a schedule to have officers cover all shifts to help ensure that the Sheriff’s Department would always be available.

5. What are the three most pressing issues for the sheriff’s department?

Drugs, funding & manpower. It’s unfortunate, but all agencies country wide have drug issues to deal with daily. People are moving away to find better jobs, which in turn causes the tax base to decrease. With this being so, funding drops. Due to low funding, manpower will be an issue. However, if you cut back in other ways this can be avoided.

6. What is the most pressing concern and solution for tax collections?

We need to accept payments 24/7. Alike neighboring counties, we can have an online system set up to accept payment as well as taking payments over the phone. Also, we could arrange the schedule, so the office doesn’t close from 12-1 pm. We also could set up satellite offices in Man and Chapmanville during March & September to receive payments.