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HD Media is running submitted questionnaires from candidates in the 2020 elections.

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NAME: Natalie Tennant

CANDIDATE FOR: West Virginia Secretary of State

PARTY: Democrat


BIOGRAPHY: I was Secretary of State for eight years where I streamlined and modernized the office, cut fees for businesses, saved money and gave back millions to taxpayers. I made voting more accessible I protected our elections and served our military. I have a Bachelors and Master’s degree from WVU. Please visit

1. What changes in current election laws would you recommend to make voting safer and more accessible?

I would implement automatic voter registration. It was passed by republicans and democrats 4 years ago and still has not been implemented by the current SOS. It’s long past due because it brings more efficiency and breaks down barriers. I’d also explore ranked choice voting and risk limiting audits.

2. What changes need to be made in the way that campaign donor identities and campaign expenditures are made to the public?

There is too much money in campaigns. Campaign contribution limits should not have been raised in WV. We need to have a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and take dark money out of politics.

3. What would be your priorities for the Secretary of State’s office to accomplish in the next four years?

I will take a transaction fee off of businesses that the current SOS placed on them. I’ll restore an online chat to make it easier for customers to connect with the SOS office. I have a record of being an innovator and I will continue to make it easier to do business and vote in WV.

4. What experience, training or education do you have that would make you an effective Secretary of State?

I’m the most qualified and effective SOS because I have 8 years experience and additional work as a national voting rights expert. I have a record of bringing technology and innovation. I will be brave so WV can be bold. It will take courage, vision and cooperation. I know we can do this WV. I believe in you.