Phil Perry/Coal Valley News

Editor's Note: This is the third story of a six-part series that compares Boone County public employee salaries with the salaries of those in counties of similar population.

BOONE COUNTY - Through public records acquisitions, the Coal Valley News has compared the salaries of public employees of Boone County to those in counties of similar population.

According to westvirginia-demographics.com, Boone County's population is 23,236; Jackson County's is 29,123; Mason County's is 27,000; neighboring Logan County's is 34,428 and Lincoln County's is 21,241.

Based on salary requests made to Boone County, Parks and Recreation Director Russell Thomas receives an annual salary of $47,800.

From July 2015 to July 2016, Parks and Recreation paid out $37,310.15 in overtime pay with the director, a salaried employee, taking in $13,799.51 in overtime. From July 2016 through June 2017, parks and recreation paid out $25,568.15 in overtime with the director absorbing $13,535.24 of it. Again, from July 2017 through June 2018 parks and recreation paid out $24,288.13 in overtime and the director led the way with $11,633.65.

According to a county official, Boone County uses a formula to compute hourly overtime rates for salaried employees. Using Thomas as an example, the formula takes his annual salary and divides it by 2,080 (work hours in a year), which pays him $22.98 per hour when he is working overtime.

Thomas' position cannot be compared because through the CVN's scope of comparison via the counties surveyed, all of the counties have abolished parks and recreation, with their maintenance departments absorbing those duties.

Boone County Emergency Management Agency-911 Director Greg Lay earns an annual salary of $50,600. By comparison, Logan County pays its director $53,000.16 annually and Jackson County compensates its director with $48,000 annually. In contrast, Mason's director earns $40,000 and Lincoln's director receives $31,750 annually.

Boone County Maintenance Director Kerry Dickens earns $52,800.

In comparison, Logan County pays the same position an annual wage of $52,000.08. Jackson County pays its maintenance supervisor $23,233.60, Lincoln County does not carry the position and Mason pays the position $32,782.00 annually.

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