Phil Perry/Coal Valley News

MADISON - Through public records acquisitions, the Coal Valley News has discovered that the Boone County Commission paid one vendor a total of $136,800 in consulting fees between July of 1997 and June of 2016.

The vendor, Dennis Sizemore, or vendor No. 1904 in county financial records, retired as Raleigh County's administrator after 21 years of service in 2010 when he was 66 years old.

Sizemore entered into what appears to the CVN to be a service contract with Boone County in $600 increments for his services, which according to one former Boone County employee on the condition of anonymity, were for "budgetary consulting."

The peak of the professional relationship between the county and Sizemore came in 2012, when he was paid a total of $7,200 through 12 separate payments of $600 between January and December of that calendar year, with two invoices paid in the month of October.

According to county records, Pat Dent was serving as the Boone County Administrator in 1997, but for the bulk of that time period, beginning in January 2003, Jim Gore was the county's administrator and Pam White was the assistant administrator. White took over the administrator's position in 2016 when Gore retired.

Current Boone County Commission President Eddie Hendricks, who first took office in 2008, responded to a request via telephone on Thursday afternoon.

"It was for consulting related to our budget," Hendricks said. "Once we were comfortable doing our own budget, we used him for another couple of years to oversee it and make sure everything was OK."

Boone County Commissioner Craig Bratcher, who first took office in January 2017 and Commissioner Brett Kuhn, who took office in January 2019, chose not to comment on the contract with Sizemore as it was active prior to their terms.

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